Author: David Lozada

David is a New York City-based writer whose passions include music, anime, cosplay, movies, bike riding, and just being an all-around nerd. He’s always out and about, going to anime and gaming conventions alike across America and posting all of his shenanigans on social media for the world to see. If you bump into him, wherever he may be, don’t be shy to say hello!

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New Battlefield 1 information incoming

New gameplay to be revealed next week during Gamescon will include first glimpses of horseback and armored train mechanics in a never before seen desert map. Electronic Arts announced today that they will hold a livestream showcasing more o...

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Deep Down granted final trademark extension

The silent game first announced in 2013 has been approved a fifth trademark extension by the United States Patent and Trademark Office today, raising doubt amongst patient fans as to whether or not it'll ever see the light of day again. Cap...

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Newest Tales of Berseria video highlights Velvet’s revenge

Released last Friday, the advertisement explains the main character's motivations within the newest entry to the long-running Tales of franchise. Bandai Namco Entertainment released a commercial for their upcoming Tales of Berseria last Fri...

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Newest Pokemon GO update introduces “Sighting” system

Niantic introduces a new Pokemon tracking system, a fix to the infamous Pokeball bug, and a chance to change usernames in their latest PokemonGO update, available now. In an attempt to allay fan complaints over the lack of tracking found in...

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Entire Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex potentially revealed

Tons of new information, including new Pokemon, typings, forms, and appearances leaked this past weekend, sending trainers everywhere scrambling to sort out the fact from fiction. If a post made by a 4chan user is to be believed, then the e...

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New Final Fantasy XV gameplay details revealed

The highly anticipated JRPG, due for a simultaneous worldwide release this fall, had new gameplay mechanics detailed in the newest issue of Jump magazine, including looks into the game's link attacks and equipment menu. The latest issue of ...

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Newest Persona 5 trailers showcase all-out attacks

As part of the publisher's rigorous marketing campaign, each new video reveals how characters utilize their Personas in unique ways. The highly anticipated newest entry in the series releases soon next month in Japan. Atlus released new Per...

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Kingdom Hearts III creator reveals new story details

Tetsuya Normura, via an interview through Famitsu, revealed new story details for the highly anticipated game, claiming the story to be 'overwhelming big' and explaining how the exciting finale to the Xehanort saga has already begun. Accord...

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Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors denied rating in Germany

The controversial Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors was denied release by Germany's rating board Friday, citing "content severely harmful to minors" as reason for the refusal. NIS America announced Friday via press release that Germa...

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Black Desert Online players protest ‘pay-to-win’ changes

Players are up in arms following the MMORPG's encroaching "pay-to-win" practices. Guilds have edited their insignias with anti-pay-to-win signs, some even going so far as to threaten a complete blackout next week to express their anger with...

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