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A gaming enthusiast with a passion for comics, anime, and music! When not gaming, he enjoys writing and recording music and spending time with his daughter, who also loves video games!

Project Dark by Red Meat Games Logo

Project Dark Review: A Lightless Experience (PC)

While most games push for high-end graphics that shock the player with realism and detail, Project Dark takes a different approach. Relying on its audio mechanics to drive its narrative forward, allowing players a new way to experience vide...

7 Good
Scars Above Review A Sci-fi Survival Shooter (PC)

Scars Above Review: A Sci-fi Survival Shooter (PC)

Though its release was overshadowed by Resident Evil 4’s remake, Scars Above will intrigue anyone who appreciates sci-fi and Soulslike struggles. Throughout the journey, you encounter various alien creatures and must overcome the onslaught ...

9 Amazing
Devil May Cry Could Learn From Resident Evil's Success

Devil May Cry Could Learn From Resident Evil’s Success

The Resident Evil franchise continues its success by releasing the Resident Evil 4 remake. Featuring updated graphics and gameplay, the latest remake in Capcom's repertoire has become an instant hit among fans and garnered the attention of ...