Author: Connor Judge

Connor is a 23-year-old writer graduated from Champlain college. Suffering from a chronic addiction to Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter, expect many articles from him relating to those games. Outside of gaming, Connor is also a 4th-degree black belt in karate, and has been taking martial arts for over 15 years.


Twitch Is Changing Its Partnership Terms — And Streamers Are Not Happy

Twitch has announced changes to how it pays its content creators, reducing the split from 70/30 for big streamers to 50/50 after their first $100k earned. Streamers have taken to Twitter to voice their frustrations over this change, which c...

Destiny 2 Eruption: Iron Banner Guide

Destiny 2 brings back Iron Banner with a new, explosive game mode: Eruption. If you're wondering if it's worth jumping into the chaos that is Destiny 2's PvP sandbox, then this article is for you, as it will explain how the mode works and w...