Author: Christian Pacoski

Melbourne University student currently studying Media and Communications. Love video games (of course), sports, movies and TV. Avid defender of The Last of Us Part II.

Sony announce the final PlayStation 5 Showcase

Sony Announce the Final PlayStation 5 Showcase

Sony have officially confirmed yet another PlayStation 5 showcase, scheduled for later this month. The event will include updates on their first party studios as well as third party titles. We are likely to also receive a date and price for...

Minecraft PSVR Support Confirmed as Apart of PSVR Spotlight Event

Minecraft PSVR Support Confirmed as a part of PSVR Spotlight Event

Minecraft is finally getting full PSVR support later this month as a part of PlayStation's PSVR Spotlight event. Minecraft PSVR will include every feature as the original PS4 title, and come to every owner of PS4 Minecraft for free through ...

3 Reasons Why Gotham Knights' Reveal was Worrying for Batman Fans

3 Reasons Why the Gotham Knights Reveal was Worrying

The Gotham Knights reveal at DC's Fandome was just the other week, but its footage left me and many others more worried than excited for its release. Gotham Knights' is straying away from Rocksteady's formula, which right now is very concer...

Top 5 Best Fall Guys Mini-Games

Top 5 Best Fall Guys Mini-Games

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been the huge viral hit of 2020, but what are our top 5 best mini-games? There are plenty of colorful and fast paced courses to choose from, and heaps of game design to dissect. Let's dive in to this brillia...

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