Author: Caio Sampaio

The Spectrum Retreat Review (PS4)

Discover the truth! In a hotel where every day repeats itself, you desperately look for a way out. A voice wants to guide you to freedom. Should you trust it? You have no choice. Either follow its instructions or stay trapped forever in an ...

Image not Available

Sine Mora Ex Review (PS4)

Conquer the skies as you seek revenge for the death of your son. It will not be a smooth flight, but when the blood of a descendant is spilled, the desire for justice trespasses all barriers. If you think you have what it takes to take down...

8 Great
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Toby: The Secret Mine Review (PS4)

A poor little boy sees his village get attacked by a kidnapper. His friends are taken hostage. Now, he must track down the villainous creature to free his friends and discover the truth behind the invasion. Can you help him save the people ...

7 Good
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Perception Review (PS4)

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in a whole new world. Perception puts you in the shoes of a blind woman and relies on innovative mechanics to make you use sound to "see," while you explore the horrors of an abandoned mansion that has b...

7 Good
Image not Available

Anoxemia Review (PS4)

Prepare your diving suit. Humans seek to solve mysteries, yet what secrets lie in the bottom of the ocean remain unknown. Until now. After an underwater expedition has gone awry, you must find a way to return to the surface. This will not ...

6 Fair

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