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Super Mario Bros 35 Review - Console Gaming's Oldest Dog Learns A New Trick (Switch) - Cover

Super Mario Bros 35 Review: Console Gaming’s Oldest Dog Learns A New Trick (Switch)

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the most famous video game of all time, Nintendo gives Mario a totally fresh twist in Super Mario Bros 35. This game has been re-released and ported nearly a dozen times in the past, so is this version r...

10 Perfect
Spinch Cover

Spinch Review: Trippy But Tough (Switch)

From the mind of cartoonist Jesse Jacobs, comes Spinch: A bizarre, vibrant platformer that combines old school pixel art with older school psychedelia. It's absolutely dripping with style, but is there enough substance in this long strange ...

7 Good
The 5 Lamest NES Games On Nintendo Switch Online App Cover

The 5 Lamest NES Games On Nintendo Switch Online App

The NES Online For Nintendo Switch is a great way to catch up on some classic games, but also a primer on the ghosts of shovelware past. Games from this era all have some nostalgia attached to them, but these ones are without a doubt, super...