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Big Nintendo fan, probably playing too many JRPGs at once. Don’t like coriander.

art of rally Review: A Stylish Love Letter (Switch)

art of rally Review: A Stylish Love Letter (Switch)

art of rally is an effortless, stylish love letter to rallying. With dozens of classic rally cars, expansive rally stages, and a gorgeous graphical style, art of rally barely puts a foot wrong in recreating the rally experience in play-set ...

8.6 Great

Maneater Review: Muddy Waters (Switch)

Maneater comes to the Nintendo Switch in a surprisingly good package. With all the collectathon fun of the original now in portable form, is it worth the visual downgrade? One thing is for certain, though: swimming around as a shark is grea...

7 Good
Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack Key Art

Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack Review: A Whole Lot of the Same Stuff (Switch)

The Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack, featuring Atelier Sophie, Firis, and Lydie & Suelle is a generous package full of wholesome, homely storytelling and simplistic wonder. These are worth a look for any fan of the series, but do the...

7 Good
The Longing Switch Review

The Longing Review: Interesting Idle Adventure (Switch)

The Longing is a game about waiting for time to pass. It may not sound appealing, but the game comes with lots of tricks up its sleeve, resulting in a melancholy meditation on silence and loneliness. Find out whether it's worth the wait. Th...

8.1 Great
10 Best-Looking Games On Xbox Series X

10 Best-Looking Games On Xbox Series X

The best-looking games on the Xbox Series X are often older, upgraded games. But Xbox's commitment to upgrading as many games as they can means there are a lot to choose from. While we wait for a new Xbox Games Studios title, these are the ...

WRC 9 Nintendo Switch Review

WRC 9 Review: Muddy Racing, Muddier Visuals (Switch)

WRC 9 brings simulation rally racing to the Nintendo Switch, preserving the core gameplay of the original. With over one hundred rallies and a generous career mode, there's lots to keep you busy. But, with the many visual concessions, does ...

6.5 Fair
12 Key Quotes from Jim Ryan’s GQ Interview

12 Key Quotes from Jim Ryan’s GQ Interview

The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment gave some big news in a brief interview this week. As he laid out plans for the coming years, he also highlighted some big areas for improvement. Here are the key quotes that you might have missed i...

Switch Pro: 5 Features You Could See on Nintendo’s Pro Console

Switch Pro: 5 Features You Could See on Nintendo’s Pro Console

Could a Switch Pro be on the way? And what will it look like? With the rumours of an updated version of Nintendo’s hit console continuing to swirl, we take a look a look at the 5 big Switch Pro features that the system needs to have. If it ...

What happened to The Legend of Zelda’s 35th anniversary?

What happened to The Legend of Zelda’s 35th anniversary?

The Legend of Zelda had its 35th anniversary last week, yet Nintendo was completely silent. Where is the big collection for Switch? Why didn't they even wish Link a happy birthday? What are they hiding? It's all a bit confusing, to say the ...

Splatoon 3: Inklings of the Future

Splatoon 3: Inklings Of The Future

With the recent announcement of Splatoon 3 at the latest Nintendo Direct, most of us have no inkling as to what it will actually be. Just a re-run of the 2017 hit with nicer visuals? A big, grand single-player mode alongside the exceptional...

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Review: A Series of Uninteresting Choices (Switch)

The grand historical strategy of Romance of the Three Kingdoms has had a rocky history. At its best, it is a dramatic, frantic, and tense strategy game that can compete with the best. At its worst, it focuses on dull mechanics and banal wor...

4.5 Poor
Olija Review: Swashbuckling Good Time (Switch)

Olija Review: Swashbuckling Good Time (Switch)

Olija is a new action-adventure game made by Skeleton Crew Studio, published by Devolver Digital, and showcasing all the hallmarks of an indie darling. With fast-paced combat and an addictive gameplay loop, it has the makings of another dec...

8.8 Great

Monster Hunter Rise First Impressions

Monster Hunter Rise is fast approaching, so how does it look? Well, it looks very good, with exciting new features and gorgeous visuals. With the addition of the Wirebug and Wyvern Riding, this could be the best installment in the series ye...

Commandos 2 HD Remaster Review: War, War Never Changes (Switch)

Commandos 2 – HD Remaster Review: War, War Never Changes (Switch)

The legendary tactics game Commandos 2 is back with an HD remaster, but does it live up to the hefty reputation of the original? With sharper visuals but finicky controls, it is hard to fall back in love. Find out where we land in our revie...

5 Average

Untitled Goose Game Review: A Minimalist Masterpiece (Switch)

The ubiquitous game of 2019 is back with a co-op mode and is still as much of a joy as it was before. Why bother with 2020 when we can just be a silly goose terrorising timid British prudes? Whether it's cricketers or old people, no one is ...

9 Amazing
Tropic 6 Review: Trouble in Paradise (Switch)

Tropico 6 Review: Trouble in Paradise (Switch)

Tropico 6 for Nintendo Switch pairs grand city-building with a massive visual downgrade. While the gameplay is the same as it ever was, how can you enjoy building-up a grand archipelago when it's so hard to actually see it? Find out in our ...

5 Average
5 Things We Want From An Assassin's Creed Series

5 Things We Want From an Assassin’s Creed TV Series

Here are the top 5 things we want from an Assassins Creed television series. It is among the most beloved of Ubisoft game franchises and one of the best-selling video game series in history. Here are some key things they can do to stop it f...

Foregone Review Switch

Foregone Review: Fluid But Forgettable (Switch)

Foregone is a very capable Souls-like, full of imaginative bosses and satisfying gameplay. However, fluid movement and a bevy of exciting weapons don't help the game rise above its somewhat forgettable nature. It has all the right component...

6.5 Fair
Röki Review: Adventure Comes a-Nøkken (Switch)

Röki Review: Adventure Comes a-Nøkken (Switch)

Röki is a heartfelt and heartwarming tale of siblings lost somewhere in the mystical cold of Scandanavia. It is an adventure game that both breaks down barriers and pushes to new heights. It is gorgeous to look at and listen to, and charmin...

8.5 Great
orangeblood switch review

Orangeblood Review: Welcome to New Koza (Switch)

Come on into New Koza, a man-made island off the coast of Okinawa, in Orangeblood. A stylish hip-hop-inspired JRPG marred by clunky battles and dreadful dialogue. Gorgeous to look at and overall has a good vibe, but it's just not enough to ...

5.5 Average
Doom Should Never Be An Xbox Exclusive

Doom Should Never Be An Xbox Exclusive

Exclusivity is the antithesis of Doom. While Microsoft's Bethesda purchase was pricey, they really shouldn't make the demon-slaying shooter an exclusive. It is a game famous for running on everything, being available everywhere. It should r...

Bounty Battle Review: Barebones & Broken (Switch)

The Super Smash Bros. for indie games is a wonderful premise, but the execution of it is nowhere near what you would imagine. While there are some good tunes, every other inch of Bounty Battle disappoints. Some games just launch in a rough ...

3 Bad
The 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks Of This Generation

The 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks Of The Generation

Some of the best music is in video game soundtracks, and some of the best video game soundtracks have come out this generation. Here's a roundup of some of the best, from the ambient to the orchestral, the jazzy to the poppy, and everything...

Why Is Mario 3D All Stars A Limited Release?

Why Is Super Mario 3D All-Stars A Limited Release?

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is coming as a limited release, being pulled from sale - both digitally as well as physically - at the end of March. Why is Nintendo doing this? Well, there are a few possible reasons, but none of them seem to actua...

Manifold Garden Review: Infinitely Mesmerising (Switch)

Manifold Garden is a wonderful, mind-bending puzzle experience. After 7 years of development, the five or so hours of the game are unique yet familiar. There is nothing else quite like it, and is one of the best puzzle games ever created. F...

9 Amazing

Epic’s Cunning Use Of Fortnite Against Apple Is A Heavy PR Blow

Epic is waging war with Apple and succeeding in making Apple look very bad in the process. While the outcome is still unclear, their clever tactics have caused a heavy PR blow. If Epic can get public opinion to turn strongly, they just migh...

What We Don't Know About Next-Gen Is Worrying

What Little We Know About Next-Gen Is Worrying

We don't have enough information about the next generation of consoles, and it is worrying. Without a price, release date, and clear launch lineup, how are we meant to know which one to buy, let alone whether to buy one at all? Everything w...

Xbox Game Pass Is About To Change The Video Game Industry Forever

Xbox Game Pass Is About To Change The Video Game Industry Forever

Xbox Game Pass is about to change the games industry forever. As we enter the next-generation of consoles, a new horizon is upon us. Streaming services will be the future of games, and Xbox's own Game Pass service is paving the way. It is u...

This cinematic from Alberto Mielgo is jaw-dropping.

A Londoner Reacts To Watch Dogs Legion

How would a Londoner react to Watch Dogs: Legion? From the people to places, Ubisoft seems to have painstakingly recreated London with a keen eye for detail. After they showed off a big chunk of their latest Watch Dogs at Ubisoft Forward l...

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Combat Explained

A Beginner’s Guide to Combat in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Do you sometimes have no idea what's going on during a battle in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition? Well, there is no need to. Follow our guide to learn all about Arts, Topples, Chain Attacks, Aggro, Tension, and the wonders of the Mo...

With this Monado you can see the future. With my guide you can do even more.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Review — Definitely Definitive

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is the perfect way to play one of the best RPGs. Even though it came out in 2011 for the Nintendo Wii, its age doesn’t really show. Now, with enhanced visuals and a new story chapter, this definitive...

9.5 Amazing
Why Breath of the Wild 2 Will Be The Perfect Video Game

Why Breath Of The Wild 2 Will Be The Perfect Video Game

The sequel to the best game ever will be a perfect game, probably. Here is an attempt at explaining why perfection will be followed with perfection. While it is hard to say with any certainty, there is definitely evidence to suggest this co...

Top 10 Indie Games Nintendo Switch

Top 10 Indie Games On Nintendo Switch

Indie games seem to always shine on handheld consoles. We breakdown our favourites from the massive library of quality indie games on the Nintendo Switch. While portability makes a lot of games better, no handheld console has done indie gam...

What The Last Of Us Part II Backlash Tell Us About Video Game Discourse In 2020

What Does The Last of Us II Backlash Tell Us About Video Game Discourse in 2020?

The Last Of Us Part II has faced a vitriolic backlash from a vocal minority. What this tells us about the state of video game discourse is unclear, but one thing is clear: lots of people are very angry. Maybe some of these people are a litt...

10 Things We Want To See From Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

10 Things We Want From Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

The upcoming Ubisoft game Assassins Creed: Valhalla is somewhat of a known quantity. There will be a huge map, an expansive story, and a lot of random things to do in it. Oh, and maybe some assassination stuff in there. Here is what we want...

the outer worlds switch review

The Outer Worlds Review: Charmingly Ugly (Switch)

The Outer Worlds doesn't look very good on Switch, but I still had a wonderful time. The game itself is well written and endlessly charming so that the visual concessions didn't make that big a difference. While that will be different from ...

7 Good
Black Lives Matter & The Video Game Community

Black Lives Matter & The Video Game Community

The video game industry has often been a powerful force for fundraising and charity. Recently, many names in video games have been using their power as a rallying cry around the Black Lives Matter movement. Here are just a handful of the pe...

The 7 Best JRPGs on Nintendo Switch

Some of our favourite JRPG experiences have been on the Nintendo Switch, a console featuring some of the best available. If you're a JRPG lover or an interested observer, dive into this list to see what's what. And tell us what we got wrong...

Can BioWares Anthem Disaster Be Saved?

Can BioWare’s Anthem Disaster Be Saved?

With BioWare’s latest offering being a stark failure compared to their stellar back catalogue, is there any hope of saving Anthem? Trying to revive the game may not even be possible at this stage. The question may rather be 'should they bot...

Nintendo is about to have a really bad year

Nintendo Is About to Have a Really Bad Year

Even though Nintendo has been doing well this year, a lineup made-up of old ports and niche sequels could make this the first drought since the Switch was launched. While we may be getting a new Paper Mario, a two-game year is not a good lo...

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