Author: Ben Johnson

Big Nintendo fan, probably playing too many JRPGs at once. Don’t like coriander.

Black Lives Matter & The Video Game Community

Black Lives Matter & The Video Game Community

The video game industry has often been a powerful force for fundraising and charity. Recently, many names in video games have been using their power as a rallying cry around the Black Lives Matter movement. Here are just a handful of the pe...

The 7 Best JRPGs on Nintendo Switch

Some of our favourite JRPG experiences have been on the Nintendo Switch, a console featuring some of the best available. If you're a JRPG lover or an interested observer, dive into this list to see what's what. And tell us what we got wrong...

Can BioWares Anthem Disaster Be Saved?

Can BioWare’s Anthem Disaster Be Saved?

With BioWare’s latest offering being a stark failure compared to their stellar back catalogue, is there any hope of saving Anthem? Trying to revive the game may not even be possible at this stage. The question may rather be 'should they bot...

Nintendo is about to have a really bad year

Nintendo Is About to Have a Really Bad Year

Even though Nintendo has been doing well this year, a lineup made-up of old ports and niche sequels could make this the first drought since the Switch was launched. While we may be getting a new Paper Mario, a two-game year is not a good lo...

Sony Next-Gen Silence is Deafening, But Working

Sony’s Next-Gen Silence Is Deafening, But Working

PlayStation has ruled this generation, but with it coming slowly into the rearview mirror as next-gen pulls away, Sony's silence to the future has been deafening. Xbox may control the conversation, but Sony controls our attention. Their sil...

Inside Xbox and the Dangers of Hype

Microsoft made some headlines last week with its much-hyped Inside Xbox showcase. With a ton of new games it looked like Xbox trying to do all the right things. Even so, there was widespread disappointment - especially at the lack of gamepl...

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