Author: Angel Diaz

Video games have been a huge part of Angel's life, and now he gets to write about them. A history of casual enjoyment turned into a passion, the game industry is where he is looking to grow.

007 Game Announced by IO Interactive

007 Game Announced by IO Interactive

IO Interactive announces their next project, a James Bond game! 007 looks to be the perfect franchise for the development studio behind the well-regarded espionage themed Hitman series. The promise of a James Bond game by the developers beh...

4 Great Xbox One Games You Can Play on Xbox Series X

4 Great Xbox One Games You Can Play on Xbox Series X

If you recently bought Microsoft's new Xbox Series X, you would be hard-pressed to not check out these 4 great Xbox One games to play via backwards compatibility. Thankfully, the studios behind all of these great games have put in a lot of ...

why seasonal gaming events important cover

Why Seasonal Gaming Events Are Important

Holidays might be difficult to celebrate right now, but that doesn't mean some of your favorite games are missing out on these seasonal events as a whole. The fact of the matter is, these events are important to not just the players but the...

The Next Generation of Xbox isn't just a Console

The Next Generation of Xbox Isn’t Just a Console

With their failings in the console space with the Xbox One, Microsoft is broadening their scope with their next-generation consoles, innovative services, and a new methodology and approach to their Xbox brand. It has become very clear that ...

Doom Eternal is coming to Xbox Game PAss

Doom Eternal is Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Id Software's fast-paced demon-slaying first-person shooter, Doom Eternal, is coming to Xbox Game Pass following news of Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax Media. We should expect to see more games published by Bethesda follow suit in the n...

5 Differences Between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S cover

5 Differences Between the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S

After many rumors and speculation, Microsoft has revealed their second next-gen system, the Xbox Series S. What exactly makes it different from the Xbox Series X? An explanation of some of the key differences between the next-gen Xbox conso...

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