Author: Andy J. Dobeson

I’m an English Literature Graduate from the UK who tends to write on more narrative-focused titles.

Sable Review: Rolling in the Dunes (PC)

Sable Review: Rolling in the Dunes (PC)

It’s your very own desert coming-of-age story! In the world of Sable, traverse a unique and enchanting world, climb the highest peaks, solve puzzles and make ancient discoveries, assist other travelers or even map out the continent – it’s a...

7 Good

Twelve Minutes Review: A Domestic Whodunit (PC)

A Groundhog Day-inspired time-loop murder mystery situated entirely in a humble, three-room New York City apartment, featuring a regular couple and a menacing detective that comes knocking. Do you have what it takes to push through the mono...

7 Good

Intravenous Review: Splinter Cell Miami

Intravenous is what would happen if Splinter Cell and Hotline Miami had a lovechild; you’ve got your brutal difficulty and tactile feel combined with a hardcore focus on stealth-orientated gameplay. All of this within a classic and surprisi...

6.5 Fair
The Longest Road on Earth Review PC

The Longest Road on Earth Review: Anthropomorphic Anthems (PC)

The mundane is everywhere, the monotonous is constant and the grind is relentless. Modern life is a complex and ever-changing blur. The Longest Road on Earth is here to tell us that it’s the little things that truly matter in life. From dev...

7 Good
Disco Elysium: The Final Cut Review: Dancing through Desolation (PC)

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut Review: Dancing Through Desolation (PC)

Disco isn’t Dead. Our favourite Superstar Cops return to the dilapidated City of Revachol to solve a brutal murder, prevent a political calamity and endure a long and near-suicidal journey of total self-discovery. Viva la revolución! Back i...

10 Perfect
Mundaun Review: The Devil is a Gentleman (PC)

Mundaun Review: The Devil is a Gentleman (PC)

The town of Mundaun is the perfect alpine destination; snowy ski slopes populated with avalanche mustering Yetis, unholy Scarecrows grazing in acres of farmland and twisted Beekeepers patrolling their desolate plateau. It’s a holiday for al...

7 Good
Little Nightmares II Review PC

Little Nightmares II Review: Takes Two to Tango (PC)

Tarsier Studios asks us to imagine a world no person had dared imagine before. What if Hayao Miyazaki had used his powers for evil? In such a place, you could explore a fantastically oppressive world, evade unholy terrors and meet lifelong ...

9 Amazing
Sunlight Review

Sunlight Review: The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

Do you enjoy a quiet walk in the woods with only the companion of existential dread to keep you company? Have you ever actively thought about the presence of the skeleton inside your body? Do you like flowers? Then Sunlight is for you. From...

8 Great
Orwell's Animal Farm Review: Porcine Politics (PC)

Orwell’s Animal Farm Review: Porcine Politics (PC)

All animals are equal! Are you sick of Napoleon and Snowball’s ideological quibbles? Could do any better? Relive Orwell’s farmyard fable as you try to keep everyone fed, attempt to fend off human attacks and, most importantly, keep the spir...

7 Good
Call of the Sea Review PC

Call of the Sea Review: Putting the Love in Lovecraft (PC)

Call of the Sea dares to ask a question no game has ever asked before - what if Cthulhu was third-wheeling in your relationship? This 1930s South Pacific adventure will have you exploring an ancient and mysterious island, diving into clever...

8 Great
superliminal review pc

Superliminal Review: Perspective is Everything (PC)

What do you get when you cross the mechanical structure and minimalist aesthetic of Portal with the self-conscious thematic drive of The Stanley Parable? You get Superliminal, an innovative and striking narrative experience, complete with m...

8 Great