Author: Alex Johnson

Alex is a 26 year old writer with a passion for video games, dirty jokes and chicken nuggets.

Home: A Quarantine Story Preview — A Reflection of Global Climate

Few games are as topical to the world's climate as Home: A Quarantine Story is. This preview for the upcoming indie title explores the dynamic of a troubled family stuck together as a global pandemic falls over this world like it has ours! ...

Inmost Review Switch Cover

Inmost Review: Atmosphere with Emotion (Switch)

Inmost is a pixel art style platformer that came along after the big craze of similar styled games in the indie game scene. Will the beautiful visuals and incredibly immersive soundtrack be enough to stand out among the rest like it? On Aug...

8.5 Great
One Line Coloring Review Switch Cover

One Line Coloring Review: Zen You Can Jump Into! (Switch)

It is sometimes hard to find a puzzle game that is truly accessible to any kind of player without being somewhat frustrating. One Line Coloring hits the mark with charming visuals and seamless gameplay for players of all ages to create stun...

8 Great
We Should Talk Review PS4 Cover Image

We Should Talk Review: It’s All In How You Say It (PS4)

It's all fun and games while you're out at the bar until your girlfriend says, "We should talk". Experience flirty attention from strangers and running into your ex all the while trying to traverse a deep conversation with your girlfriend v...

7.5 Good
Animal Crossing Villagers Personalities

Which Animal Crossing Villager Personality Type Are You?

With all the varying types of villagers in the Animal Crossing franchise, you might have found yourself wondering which one you are. Take our personality quiz and find out! Between the old fashioned cranky villagers to the snack loving lazy...

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor – Should You Buy?

The first part of the expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield released a few days ago as of today. You may be wondering if this DLC is actually worth the money; check out this article and decide for yourself! It offers a whole new map, ...

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling Review – Big Adventures for Tiny Characters (PS4)

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling is a new indie title advertised as a direct inspiration from the earlier titles in the Paper Mario franchise, but does it hold up on its own or is a lesser copy of the muse? Check out our review to find o...

8.6 Great