Author: Abdelraouf El-Alami

A gamer since around the time I could walk, I've been putting together think pieces regarding game design and the industry for quite a while now. I'm sure some of what I have to say isn't exactly conventional wisdom, but hopefully I'll at least give you a new perspective on the hobby!

The $70 Price Hike Is Preferable to More Microtransactions

As Sony and Microsoft announced an increased price ceiling for PS5 and Xbox Series X games, there was some debate on whether it was preferable to pay more upfront, or deal with a AAA gaming landscape increasingly dominated by in-game storef...

15 Years Later: A Retrospective of 2005’s Biggest Games

2005 came to us at the height of the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era, and boy did it show. In this 15th Anniversary Retrospective, we run through three biggest games released in 2005 that have influenced the medium to this day: God of War, Resident E...

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