Author: Tanner Stacy

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A New Red Dead Redemption? Check it out!

Since May 18th, 2010 fans have been chomping at the bit for a new Red Dead game, and this morning Rockstar may have shown us that they're ready to play ball. There's been rumors, fan theories, and dozens of supposed leaks confirming a seque...

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Brand New Skyrim Special Edition Trailer!

After selling 22.7 million copies from 2011, Skyrim is back baby! And, it's frickin' gorgeous! Releasing on October 28th Skyrim Special Edition will be coming to PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. The special edition will be remastered to mee...

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Massive Overwatch Leak: Sombra Unveiled and more!

The name Sombra has been tossed around the Overwatch community for months now. A long and drawn out ARG that was packed full of cryptic messages, impossible ciphers, possible blinking Morse code from the developers, and it all ends in a lea...

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Looterkings Preview

Subterranean procedurally generated dungeons mixed with a little bit of goblin nudity. Sounds fun? Well, it is! For the most part...and, it's sorta cute! INTRODUCTION Looterkings is an early access title being developed by the identica...

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Assassins Creed: Ezio Collection coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Fan favorite Ezio Auditore da Firenze makes a comeback to next gen systems November 15th this year! The Ezio Collection will follow Ezio all through his career as an assassin through three games starting with his debut in Assassin's Creed 2...

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Clustertruck Review

If you're in the middle of the venn diagram of people that are enthusiasts of both EDM and freighter trucks, boy I do have a game for you. So far I've seen everyone compare Clustertruck to the "the floor is lava" game we've all played when ...

8.5 Great
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The Challenge Preview

Anachronism. What a cool word? In The Challenge you are attempting to right the anachronisms of careless time travelers that came before you, and how you ask? Well, by time travel of course! Suit up and hop in your time machine, we've got s...

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Dishonored 2: High Chaos and Low Chaos Gameplay

Dishonored 2 will be releasing November 11th, 2016. With multiple ways to complete each level, which will you choose? A few days ago we got our first glimpse at actual gameplay in Dishonored 2. Much like its predecessor, you can choose from...

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