Author: Robert Webb

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GTA V: Misunderstood Too Often

GTA V is a hugely successful game, both critically and commercially. It also has legions of critics (most of whom have never played it). There are however, many people who play the game and get the wrong end of the stick in just the same wa...

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Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Review

Get ready for a nostalgia trip. Pixel art and old school adventuring come together in Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, the latest came from Castle Pixel. It's certainly a tried and tested formula, but do its age-old principles stand the te...

8 Great
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The Exiled Preview

The Exiled, by Fairytale Distillery, is a game that's all about PVP. Grab a few friends, explore the valley and rise to the top. It's dog eat dog and only the very toughest will survive. But does The Exiled measure up? KeenGamer find out! I...

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Industry Giant 2 Review (PS4)

Industry Giant 2, by Fancy Bytes and Reactor is a business sim which challenges you to get ahead of the competition and rise to the top of the corporate world. But is it an improvement on its predecessor or a depressing re-tread? I dive in ...

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