Author: Ritwik Mitra

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Mainlining Review

Relive your childhood fantasy as an all-powerful hacker as you access the information of various individuals and conglomerates as an MI7 agent, who must solve a series of cases in order to uncover a hidden truth that is the crux of the plot...

6.8 Fair
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Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure Review

A LOT of gross-out toilet humor in a first-person adventure game with visual novel elements - this is what Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure is. The player follows the tale of Bjorn Thonen, a good-for-nothing slacker who gets caught up ...

5.5 Average
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Valve Replacing Steam Greenlit with Steam Direct

The current system of releasing games on Steam, called Steam Greenlit is soon to be replaced by an admission fee-based structure touted as Steam Direct by Valve, the owners of the digital distribution service. In a recent post on the Steam ...

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Tales Of Cosmos Review

Tales of Cosmos is an old school point-and-click adventure game by Red Dwarf Games in which your main objective is to help Perseus and Gagayev, two animal scientists who have been trapped by a magnetic field from an orbiting planet and need...

6.7 Fair
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GTA 4 Is Now Backwards-Compatible With Xbox One

Grand Theft Auto IV was an important title in the franchise, and now it's deservedly joining the patented Xbox Backwards Compatibility group. According to a statement recently released by Rockstar Games, GTA IV is now available as part of b...

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Persona 3 Portable Review (PSP)

Persona 3 is – for most fans in the series – regarded as the game that started a revolution in the Persona series, and it’s easy to see why after experiencing this classic. An enthralling story, unique life simulation mechanics, solid turn-...

8.9 Great
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Final Fantasy XV: Patch 1.05 details

Square Enix held a "New Year's Special" Active Time Report on February 2nd, where Hajime Tabata provided details on upcoming patches and DLC for Final Fantasy XV. The release of Final Fantasy XV has been met with – mostly – posi...

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