Author: Richie Crossman

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Injustice 2 – What We Know and What We Want to Know

What the trailers show about Injustice 2 and what we can't wait to see? Check it out, there are a lot of things to debate! Injustice 2 was revealed a short time ago, on the 8th of June for PS4 and XBox One to be released in 2017 and anticip...

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Trulon: The Shadow Engine Review

Trulon: The Shadow Engine follows Gladia, a monster hunter, on her adventure to save her village, beat the baddies and quell the strife between two Kingdoms. From Finland Developer Kyy Games and Publisher Head Up Games comes this Indie, RPG...

4 Poor
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DC Universe Online Review

DC Universe Online is an encouraging community of superheroes that gives gamers the chance to emulate almost any kind of graphic novel character they could possibly want to be. With all the movies in the cinemas and series on the screens, t...

7.5 Good
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Life Is Strange Review

Though the threat of the tornado constantly looms like a force of nature (obviously), it pales in comparison to the storm of tragedy that grows around Max and her friend Chloe as dangerous secrets are revealed. In fact by being drawn back i...

8.5 Great