Author: Ricardo Carvalhinho

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Pit People Review

In Pit People, you are forced to deliver your tactics around huge doses of ridiculousness and chaos, utilizing a roster of unfit and unorthodox magical characters. Combine the likes of unicorns, cupcakes, gnomes, and electrobots in order ...

6.5 Fair
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Battery Jam Review

Turn your inner self arcade lover on and use the boombox to smash your opponents, capture their tiles, and dominate the arena! Choose one of four Jammers and compete to have the most tiles at the end of every match! Take on your friends or ...

6 Fair
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Nine Parchments Review

Want an excuse to combine fireballs with ice-cones, death-beams and light fields in the face of deadly monsters? To explore remote lands as dissonant as blazing volcanoes and freezing tundras? And do you think this is all hugely better with...

5.5 Average
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RimWorld Early Access Review

Crash into the unknown of space and manage a colony of survivors, facing events such as thunderstorms and pirate raids! Manage your colonists moods, needs and health while you gather materials, build facilities, tame wild animals, research ...

7.5 Good
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Blizzard announced World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth

The tension between Horde and Alliance snaps and the eternal conflict breaks once again between the factions with the new World of Warcraft's announced expansion, Battle of Azeroth! At BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard announced World of Warcraft ...

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Civilization VI – Indonesia Preview

Take a first look at Indonesia, the new CIV VI Civilization leaded by Dyah Gitarja! Are you a fierce and expansionist leader with a true mastery of the seas? Then Indonesia is the right Civilization for you! HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Dyah Gita...

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Civilization VI – Khmer Preview

Take a first look at the Khmer Empire, the new CIV VI Civilization leaded by King Jayavarman VII ! Are you a tolerant and religious leader whose vision is to create a better place for your subjects? Then Khmer is the right Civilization for...

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Pyre Review

Enter the Rites and fight for your freedom! Lead a party of exiles through an ancient purgatory and participate in fast-paced sport-like rituals against other Triumvirates. Prevail and you shall return to glory, fail and you shall wander th...

8 Great