Author: Michael Keener

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Among The Sleep Review (PS4)

Step into the pajamas of this 2-year-old protagonist on his adventure to find his missing mother. This first-person survival horror game, seen through the abstract mind of an infant, takes on a new approach to the genre. Crawl, walk, and sp...

7 Good
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7 Days to Die Review (PS4)

Explore a vast world of apocalyptic, zombie-infested lands. Take on the challenges of crafting, survival, and exploration by yourself or pair up with up to 3 friends. Build shelter, endure the nights, and progress your skills in a variety o...

6 Fair
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Lost Sea Review

Crashing into the ocean and being on a stranded island sucks, but to crash and be stranded on an island in the Bermuda Triangle is even worse! You must best the environment and the enemies roaming within. Gather a humble crew, jump island t...

7.5 Good
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The Technomancer Review

Embark on a journey across the Red Planet of Mars that will lead you to crumbled ruins of a society that once was, and the creatures that inhabit it now. Play as a young but powerful Technomancer who has electrical powers and an array of we...

8 Great
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In Between – Xbox One Review

In Between is a platform puzzle game with a physics and narrative twist. Game developer GentlyMad has cleverly found a beautiful integration of a thought provoking story and addicting puzzles. Everything you need to know about this great in...

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