Author: Michael Fuhriman

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Inmates Review

Experience a unique psychological horror game where the truth will be revealed as you solve puzzles and read notes left by others. Dodge a few jump scares and what is left is a superb story about the prison you awake in, no memory of how yo...

8.8 Great
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Pylon: Rogue Review

Capture rooms and loot treasure boxes as you progress through the increasingly difficult levels of Pylon:Rogue. Dying is an eventuality but with each new life comes a further understanding of how to conquer your foes efficiently. Do you hav...

7.8 Good
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Stable Orbit Review

Build and manage your own personal space station in orbit around Earth. Complete research contracts to earn money so you can keep all your astronauts alive. Invest in life support modules to ensure nobody is left hungry and becomes the firs...

5.8 Average
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Solace Crafting – First Impressions

Jump into an endless world that scales in difficulty as you get further from the "center." Along the way, craft weapons, armor, and buildings out of varying tiers of resources. Just don't forget to make teleport crystals so you don't have t...

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StellarHub Review

Test your management skills in this space station simulator! Decide who to hire, which technologies to research and build, or become the next tourist destination. Be careful though, as rogue asteroids and dastardly pirates attempt to thwart...

7 Good
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The Initiate Review

Wake up in a strange place, captured by an unknown man, and tasked with solving puzzles with the promise of survival. Uncover hidden mysteries that the house and your captors hold as you slowly make your way to your final decision; die or a...

8.5 Great
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Offensive Combat: Redux Review

High character customization and upgradeable guns join forces in this irreverent first person shooter. Whether it's against bots or other players, you will be battling with up to fifteen others in tight alleyways and multi-level buildings. ...

2.3 Awful
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Startup Company Preview

Manage a new company from incubation to the highest market share, all while maintaining your worker's happiness. Can you beat out the in-game likenesses of today's biggest social networks? Or perhaps you would rather just buy all their shar...

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Aven Colony Review

Become the Governor of your own colony on Aven Prime. Battle resource deficiencies as the planet fights back against foreign visitors. Become a beacon of hope for future expeditions and landing parties as you navigate the campaign mode. Ali...

9.6 Amazing
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Galaxy of Pen and Paper Review

Save the 'Verse from all kinds of baddies, all from the comfort of your dungeon- uh I mean- bedroom. The 80's themed music and nostalgia of how tabletop games and their players were perceived are sure to give you a chuckle or two. Put on yo...

8.6 Great
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Escape From Tarkov Preview

Raid sections of the Russian city of Tarkov while avoiding other players and A.I. Scavs in this hardcore tactical First-Person/RPG/Survival hybrid shooter. Can you make your way through the various levels and extract with all your precious ...

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Vostok Inc. Review

Blow up spaceships and collect Moolah with this twin-stick/idle miner game to become the wealthiest entrepreneur in the galaxy. Fight back against other corporations and alien species to keep your well-earned profits. Intro Welcome to Vosto...

6.8 Fair
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Fictorum Review

On-the-fly spell shaping and fully destructible buildings clash in this epic quest to avenge your murdered brothers. Whether it's fireballs, ice missiles, or a meteor, wiping out an entire town has never been so fun. Just don't let the Inqu...

6.2 Fair
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Bounty Train Review

Explore the steam engine era as you take your family's train empire across the country in this strategy game. Along the way, you will meet many historical figures and choose your route to success. Will you be a trader, bandit, smuggler, or ...

8.6 Great
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Guild of Dungeoneering Review

Do you like card games? Do you like card games where the narrator makes fun of your follies? Guide your team of misfits through dungeons to gain loot, fame, and most importantly, harder bosses. Use the "hero" you choose and their deck of ca...

8 Great