Author: Matthew Smail

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Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition Review

Whether you already love Blood Bowl 2 or haven't even tried it, this is the place to be for the the most informative review of the brand new Legendary Edition, which includes all of the original content AND a raft of new features including ...

8.6 Great
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Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire Review (PS4)

If you love hand-drawn card art, action RPG gameplay and a strong focus on story, then Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire could push all the right buttons. With a sister title (Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion) also available on PS Vita, Fa...

6.9 Fair
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Death Squared Review (Nintendo Switch)

Love the Portal games? Love robots? Love comical robot death and cooperative multiplayer action for one, two or four players? Then you'll love Death Squared, the new mind bending puzzler from indie developer SMG Studio. Read more in our rev...

8.8 Great
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Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Review (Switch)

Wind Waker inspired action RPG Oceanhorn sails onto Nintendo Switch, but how well does it stand up against Breath of the Wild? Find out in our detailed review. Introduction In channelling pretty much every action RPG ever made (especially s...

7 Good
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DiRT 4 Review

DiRT 4 is Codemasters latest and greatest rally and off-road racing simulator, bringing together the content from 2015's superlative DiRT Rally spinoff with this years more mainstream DiRT entry. The question is, will the more serious prese...

8 Great
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Thumper Review (Nintendo Switch)

Thumper blasts onto the Nintendo Switch with sumptuous, foreboding visuals, a pulsating soundtrack and its own unique brand of "rhythm violence." Intense as it was on the PC and PS4, the Nintendo Switch version of Thumper seeks to maintain...

8 Great
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Ultra Street Fighter 2:The Final Challengers Review (Switch)

Here comes a new challenger! The Nintendo Switch exclusive and definitive edition of the classic, genre defining Capcom beat-em-up is finally here. Play as all your favorite characters with updated, hand drawn graphics, or see how Evil Ryu ...

8.3 Great
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Birthdays The Beginning Review (PS4)

Raise mountains! Cleave seas from the barren earth! Cultivate dinosaurs and woolly mammoths! Birthdays The Beginning lets you play God like no other game has since Populous, but is it any good? Find out more in our review. Introduction Feel...

7.4 Good
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Mr. Shifty Review (Nintendo Switch)

Shift through walls! Punch enemies in the face! Dodge Bullets! Mr. Shifty is exactly the kind of indie hit that the Nintendo Switch needs, because it's perfect for shifting between docked and portable play. Find out why in our review. Intro...

6.7 Fair
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Cities: Skylines Review – Xbox One Edition (Xbox One)

Can Microsoft's aging hardware cope with the vast scale of Paradox Interactive's ambitious world builder? How can such a detailed game operate with a single controller? And most importantly, is Cities: Skylines really worth the time investm...

6.6 Fair