Author: Kurt Perry

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Descenders Review

This time of year used to be awful for gaming as nothing came out after the Christmas rush of AAA titles but in recent years things have been far more kind. With the indie game industry stronger than ever there's always a lower budget title...

8.2 Great
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Tennis in the Face Review (Switch)

Tennis in the Face's slogan of "This is no Wimbledon," is sure right. Less grand slam, more grand disappointment, Tennis in the Face is a basic mobile port that doesn't try to do much more than its iOS origins allow it to. What we have here...

5 Average
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2017: How good a year for racing?

No gaming year is complete without the colossal list of racing games that show up without fail. As we approach the festive season as well as the end of the year, I figured now would be as good a time as ever to look at what driving experien...

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Microtransaction Revenue Still Growing Despite Uproar

As much as we might like to rant about publishers exploiting microtransactions, a recent report by SuperData is yet more evidence in favour of them. The report details some scary facts specifically regarding just how profitable micro transa...

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Jon Schafer leaves Paradox Interactive on mutual grounds

Paradox Interactive’s respected developer Jon Shafer has left the company after just six months of working there. The announcement was made over on Paradox’s own site where they say his decision to leave came down to wanting &rdq...

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Team Rocket are back in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

A recent trailer has showcased the return of legendary villains Team Rocket in the upcoming Pokémon game. Named Team Rainbow Rocket, Ultra Sun and Moon's evil organisation will feature several antagonists over the years including Giovanni, ...

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Bad Apple Wars Review (PS Vita)

Say hello to the latest otome game on the block and this time around its those folks over at Idea Factory who are treating us. For those unaware, an otome is a style of visual novel aimed at a primarily female audience and usually featuring...

6.6 Fair
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Nintendo Switch sales are soaring worldwide

The Nintendo Switch has shipped an impressive two million units for September in the US alone. Worldwide sales are estimated to be approaching the six million mark. Projections for the Switch’s end of fiscal year sales reach just over ten m...

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Forza Motorsport 7 Review

Forza Motorsport 7 is Microsoft's latest in their annual racing game series. Previously an Xbox exclusive, more recent titles have been ported across to PC courtesy of Xbox Play Anywhere. With there being a huge market gap on PC for collect...

8.6 Great
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Controversial Forza 7 VIP Pass Downgrade Reverted Back

Forza's developer, Turn 10, have announced that they will be reverting back the changes to their premium VIP Pass which devalued the service in comparison to previous titles. Instead of the usual double credits from races and 1,000,000 cred...

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NBA2K18 Review

2K are back again looking to slam dunk the returning competition of NBA Live with gaming's most dominant basketball simulation series, NBA2K. With introductions of an open world environment as well as more customisation than ever, this year...

5.9 Average