Author: Karel Vik

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Das Tal – In-depth preview

We are playing Das Tal and this indie project deserves an in-depth preview. Watch the video and later on we will publish also a written preview. I was playing Das Tal during the weekend and also several hours yesterday. You can see my previ...

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Novus Inceptio – preview and first impressions of the game

All of you can buy Novus Inceptio starting today October 5th. I had the opportunity to play the game throughout the weekend to check the latest build. Should you buy it? I will not tell you to buy this game. That is not possible. But I will...

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The Birdcage – news and gameplay video

The Birdcage - some news and gameplay video recorded by a family trying the game for the first time. Check it up! This interesting game was Greenlit a month ago and only three days ago on September 4th the developers released a demo for all...

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Phoning Home – successfully Greenlit

Phoning Home - after few days the game was successfully Greenlit. It took only 10 days and this nice game with robots managed to get Greenlit. Congratulations to the developer Marko Dieckmann! Now it's time to give fans more informatio...

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Phoning Home – getting Greenlit soon?

Phoning Home is an indie game with fantastic robot which will of course remind you of E.T. or Wall-E. Which is not bad at all and the graphics and music in the trailer is simply fantastic. Yesterday Phoning Home has crossed the Top 100 thre...

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Black – The Fall – change of colours?

This atmospheric platformer game presented at GamesCon 2015 seems to take another step in its development. It is becoming coloured and does not remain just black and white. If you have missed this game and it is the first time you read abou...

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El Somni Quas – nástupce Ultimy Online?

El Somni Quas - nástupce Ultimy Online? Je to možné! Co se skrývá za tajemným názvem El Somni Quas? Hráči české a slovenské mmo scény možná tuší, ale pro zbytek he...

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El Somni Quas – new successor of Ultima Online??

El Somni Quas - successor of Ultima Online?? Could be. Read more! What does El Somni Quas mean? It is a game being developed by a team of six Czech and Slovak developers. It is based on Ultima Online, with old school PvE, PvP and realistic ...

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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – on consoles this fall

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - is coming to consoles this fall. Torn Banner Studios is having a partnership with Activision and Chivalry will come to consoles this fall. So this 12 players action game with medieval weapons is making its next ...

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Preview: The Crew – ready to ride???

I have played and tested the closed beta of Crew. Is it good to buy later on? I can tell you one thing. It is fun. And that is probably the most important thing that everone needs to know, right? But ok, let's talk about it a little bi...

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