Author: Joel Franey

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Hand of Fate 2 Review

The first Hand of Fate was a startlingly enjoyable gem, but does the sequel provide just as good an experience? Promising rogue-like elements, brawler combat, frequent narration, and more cards than you could shake a sword at, the fantasy s...

4.6 Poor
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Dead Effect 2 VR Early Access Preview

Adapted from the tiny screens of mobiles to the seriously intense world of VR, Dead Effect 2 is now in Early Access and promises zombie-killing, sci-fi action with a healthy heaping of gore on top. Does it deliver? Has VR found its next big...

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Night in the Woods Review

A runaway success on Kickstarter, Night in the Woods has been released to strong praise from both critics and audiences for its story and characters. And with promises of deep narratives and beautiful artwork, it certainly has a lot to live...

7.6 Good
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Preview

Having taken the internet by storm and apparently nearing the end of its Early Access period, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds promises high-tension action in an island-wide battle royale. Does it deliver? We played it ourselves to find out! I...

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Fable Fortune Closed Beta Preview

The follow-up to the venerable Fable franchise, Fable Fortune is changing the direction of the series by heading into card game genre. But does the Closed Beta suggest good things about the upcoming game? We gave it a go and found out... IN...

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Acaratus Early Access Preview

Soon to be promoted from Early Access to a full release, Acaratus promises "medieval steampunk tactics," from upcoming developers Nodbrim. But can Acaratus live up to the promise of four years of development? Let's find out... INTRODUCTION ...

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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Review (Wii U)

After months of waiting from audiences, the latest entry in the Zelda franchise, Breath Of The Wild, has been released to huge expectation, with a massive open world and a new interpretation of Zelda gameplay. But does it hold up to the sta...

9.3 Amazing
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With deadly monsters and unnatural powers closing in on our new hero Ethan, Resident Evil 7 promises a classic survival horror experience with all the benefits of modern gaming to boot - but can it deliver? INTRODUCTION I’ll admit tha...

7.2 Good
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Pit People Early Access Preview

From the creators of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theatre, here comes their new strategy game, Pit People! Just released on Steam Early Access and with constant updates promised in the future, does it hold up already? INTRODUCTION The Be...

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Review

A cautious return to form after a few heavy missteps, Sun and Moon indicate a certain careful sense of experimentation on behalf of the creators, as they try to branch out into new ideas and new concepts without rocking the boot. INTRODUCTI...

7.4 Good
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Adam Wolfe Review

Somewhat overambitious and yet oddly minimalistic, this supernatural point-and-click adventure game struggles to supply the highest possible impact with the lowest possible effort, ending up disappointing and eventually frustrating as a res...

3.8 Bad
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Furi Review

Learn to be patient with this incredibly tough game and you'll find there's something rather special waiting for you. Creatively designed and surprisingly unique, Furi manages to make every fight feel special - which is lucky, because there...

8 Great
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Super Mario Run Review

Super Mario Run is perhaps the most anticipated, heavily-advertised and most controversial of all mobile games since Pokemon: Go, and the end result is much the same. Unable to deliver on promises and visions of "what might've been", the ga...

2.8 Awful
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Candle Review

Candle is a solidly-built adventure game that aims high but doesn't always have the imagination to follow through on its ambitions. Thankfully this is usually made up for by some great presentation and some genuine charm in the writing and ...

7.1 Good