Author: Jason Ward

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Solstice Chronicles: MIA Review

What do you get when you mix a space marine, a drone, a virus that turns everyone into monsters, and a lot of guns? You get Solstice Chronicles: MIA, the latest Action RPG by Ironward. Embrace the carnage and dive into this top-down shooter...

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Party Hard Tycoon Preview

From the creators of SpeedRunners and Hello Neighbor comes Party Hard Tycoon! Think you can pull off the party of the century? Strategically place speakers, lights, and decorations, hire staff and celebrities to attract guests, and always k...

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An Interview with Ascanio Entertainment on Crash Force

Crash Force has been released from the chains of Early Access! Curious about this latest arena shooter? We had the opportunity to ask Ascanio Entertainment some questions about the game and their thoughts about the game's current state. W...

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Hacktag Preview

Are you an expert at stealth games? How about your best friend? Team up with a partner in Hacktag and steal data from major corporations. Your success depends on your partner's wits and skill as much as your own! Win together or lose togeth...

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Cryptark Updated Preview

In this roguelike space shooter, Become a privateer and infiltrate eons-old alien ships, maneuvering through traps, turrets, and a horde of drones to take out the core and rake in your profit! Discover the ultimate haul, the Cryptark itself...

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Crash Force Preview

Looking for a new Arena Shooter? Why not take Crash Force for a spin? Choose your hovercraft and destroy your enemies (or your friends) with guns and unique abilities! Level up and customize your stats to get an edge in your fights! Crash F...