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Hearts of Iron IV Review

Hearts of Iron IV is the sequel to the well-known franchise by Paradox Interactive. Following the success of Crusader King II and Europa Universalis IV, this entry delivers one of the most complex and highly rewarding strategy game of the y...

9 Amazing
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Postal Redux Review

Being a remastered old game from 1997, Postal Redux is a top down shooter with a spin of dark comedy that tries it best to be controversial both then and now. Postal Redux is the remake of a controversial title that came out in the 90s,...

5.5 Average
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Goliath Review

A mixture of Action RPG and Survival game, with a great emphasis on giant robots and anthropomorphic characters. Goliath is a game about planet exploration, crafting different robotic suits, and elemental-based combat. Goliath combines the ...

7 Good
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Battlesouls First Look

A quick look through the alpha of this soon to be released free to play game. There are many games right now like Paragon, Overwatch, Paladins and more. And you can check out also another not so known competitor Battlesouls. Battlesouls is ...

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Goliath Preview

A mixture of Action RPG and Survival game, with a great emphasis in giant robots and anthropomorphic characters. You shouldn't miss it. Goliath tries to melt both the best aspects of the survival games and action RPGs, Develop by Whalebox S...

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