Author: Gregory Irnie

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Reflections – Interview with Broken Window Studios

This is our interview with the lovely people over at Broken Window Studios about Reflections. In this interview we discuss how the game was inspired, what inspired the art style and a bunch more. Wasn't expecting Reflections to be based on ...

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Reflections Review

After playing through Reflections my first time through, I'm fairly certain this is the best-worst game I've ever played. It made me think about life in a deeper way, but I also loved playing it. Just as a warning, there are spoilers in thi...

8.5 Great

Riptide GP: Renegade Review

From the developers Vector Unit, a new game to the Riptide series is introduced, Riptide GP: Renegade. Riptide GP: Renegade is a simplistic, yet awfully addicting, water-sports racing game that was released on 26th of July, 2016. It was rel...

8.7 Great
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Lost Soul Aside – Next Big Fantasy Game?

Lost Soul Aside, a game developed by Bing Yang by himself, has been under development for the past 2 years. Just recently footage showing off the gameplay as well as the combat was released. This looks very promising. Sometime in late July,...

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Pokémon GO Banned in Iran?

The authorities of Iran have banned the Pokemon GO app from being used due to security concerns. Why? We're not quite sure. Sometime last night the popular AR (augmented reality) app Pokémon GO has officially been banned in Iran...

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Overwatch Competitive Season 1 Ends In Two Weeks

Blizzard has officially announced that the first season of competitive will come to an end fairly soon. They also stated that change is upon us. Season 2 is literally in our grasps; I bet you can feel it. In a forum post, Blizzard has ...

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No Man’s Sky Delayed Three Days on PC

Sean Murray has officially confirmed that No Man's Sky will release on PC three days after PS4. While Steam displayed it would unlock on the 9th of August, it now shows August 12th. For those of you that are highly anticipating No Man'...

Demon Hunters and Invasions Coming August 9th!

Demon Hunters and Invasions are coming to World of Warcraft early. Around the second or third week of August, after you’ve had time to play around with the patch and get a feel for the changes, Blizzard promises to unleash some angry invade...

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No Man’s Sky Soundtrack Released on YouTube

The soundtrack for No Man's Sky has been released and can be streamed on YouTube. Some time yesterday the soundtrack for Hello Games' newest game, No Man's Sky, has been released just 5 days from release, and it has everyone talki...

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