Author: Franz Aebischer

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Disc Jam Review (Switch)

It's time for a new sport to enter the world once again, but this time on the Nintendo Switch! In this futuristic mesh of frisbee and tennis expect some fast-paced matches and a host of different challenges. Do this port and game live up to...

7.1 Good
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Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure DELUXE Review (Switch)

Dodgeball has never been more fun in the hit dodgeball gem; Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure DELUXE. With the many chaotic and silly multiplayer modes, does this dodgeball deputy really stand out in the realm of local multiplayer? Introducti...

7.2 Good
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Broforce is On the Way to Switch

The action-packed 2D co-op game Broforce has been officially confirmed by Devolver Digital to be "en route" to the Nintendo Switch! Devolver Digital continues to support the hybrid system. Responding to a fan's Twitter inquiry, publishe...

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Furi Review (Switch)

The jailer is the key, kill him and you'll be free... You've been locked up for quite some time now and it's time to finally unleash your wrath on the guardians who are keeping you trapped. It won't be easy that's for certain, but if you ca...

9 Amazing
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BRAWL Review (Switch)

What's more fun than playing games with a bunch of psychos in an emporium? Choose from a cast of demented personalities and have a literal blast with the deadly explosions from your enemies' arsenal of bombs. Let's hope you don't quite go i...

5.3 Average
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Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Review (Switch)

Tired of exploring Hyrule and would rather try adventuring somewhere new for a change? Look no further than the Blossom Kingdom! Explore, solve puzzles, and fight enemies in a big open world in this retro-themed action-adventure epic. Intro...

8.3 Great
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Disc Jam is Coming to Switch Next Month

The action-packed disc flinging spiritual successor to Windjammers, Disc Jam, will be zoomin' over to a Switch near you next month! This interesting competitive gem is sure to shake up the eShop on the console hybrid come February. Disc Jam...

Human: Fall Flat Review (Switch) | Physical Fun

Time to go on an adventure with Bob as he explores dreamlike worlds. The only catch is, he has to work with "real world physics." Throw in some open and smart level design with plenty of puzzles, and you have Human: Fall Flat, now on the Sw...

8 Great
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Mantis Burn Racing Review (Switch)

Time to get together and race like never before. Mantis Burn Racing will have you on your toes as you compete in this glorious top-down arcade racer. From the many lush environments to the extensive upgrade system, you're in for one intense...

8.5 Great
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Xenoraid Review (Switch)

Get ready for the space battle of your life! Team up in a squad or go solo to save the world from the aliens in this first ever space war. Do you think you have what it takes? Introduction The first space war has officially begun and you an...

7 Good
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Ready for a ride? LIGHTFIELD is the ultimate hyper futuristic racing game featuring unique mechanics and intense high speed gameplay! From wall riding to ceiling jumping and free flying, this game is one action packed racer! INTRODUCTION Li...

7.9 Good
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Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box Art Revealed And More

Super Mario Odyssey is getting closer and closer and more things are slowly being revealed. Today the box arts of the three launch amiibo were revealed. Some fans have spotted some surprising secrets! Nintendo just revealed the box art for ...

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Dead Rising 4 Coming to PS4 This Holiday Season

The former Xbox One console exclusive Dead Rising 4 is coming to PS4 with some extras later this year! It will include all of the previously released DLC along with some extras. Will you be picking it up? The former Xbox One console exclusi...

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Necrosphere Review

Prepare to escape from the dreaded Necrosphere! With only two buttons to traverse a confusing maze, this simple Metroidvania is about to get a lot more complicated. Will you take on the challenge? Introduction In Necrosphere your platformin...

7.5 Good