Author: Deryk Landon

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A Rose in the Twilight Review

Have you ever heard the original Fairy Tales? The evil stepsisters eyes being gouged out by birds? Pinocchio killing Geppetto, or even John Smith capturing and forcing Pocahontas to be his wife. These are the dark side of beloved tales many...

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Overwatch Season 4 End Date Announced

Earlier today Blizzard announced Season 4 will be coming to an end soon, however the wait for Season 5 won't be for long. Overwatch seasons usually run for around 90 days, so we all knew the close of Season 4 was near. Game direct...

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Blizzard Makes MLG division specifically for Overwatch

Overwatch players can rejoice in the newest news about Blizzard forming a completely separate MLG division for multi-billion property: Overwatch. New MLG division has been Formed by Blizzard INC to Oversee all Overwatch Esports, which ...

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NVIDIA’s Volta makes gaming “real”

Any gamer knows about NVIDIA. Even if they don’t play on PC, the name is widely known. Yesterday they gave us a reminder as to why, when they unveiled their newest GPU, the Volta.  NVIDIA has been on the top for over 10 years. However ...

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Super Mario Odyssey will be Nintendo’s “Main Attraction”

After over a decade of waiting for the next "Mario 64", we are given a break with Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. Not only is it different compared to recent Mario games, but it was the first time in 3 consoles that Mario wasn’...

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Rainway reinvents PC Gaming

Ever wanted to play your PC on a Nintendo Switch? Xbox? Android? Some of the newly developed software techniques allow games to be transmitted from your computer to another device in super-high quality with zero latency. It may sound like t...

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