Author: David Bakker

Video Game Criticism’s Need For Change

With IGN firing one of their writers after an investigation regarding their Dead Cells Review confirmed plagiarism, the gaming community once again felt betrayed by professional game critics. With every review, game critics seem to be taken...

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The Piano Review

Are you a murderer? A psychopath? A failure? Have you forgotten what you already knew? Mystery and horror is the theme of The Piano, a game about revealing the past and cleansing you of your despair. Truth and lies overwhelm the mind of Joh...

5 Average
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The Last of Us Part 2 gameplay footage at E3!

The Last of Us Part 2 got its first gameplay trailer at Sony's Press Conference this E3! The gameplay trailer mainly seemed to focus on stealthy, atmospheric gameplay with Ellie as the playable character. Some information about the story al...

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Bethesda teases Elder Scrolls VI at E3

At the end of a long and somewhat underwhelming Press Conference, Bethesda decided it was time for their trump card: The Elder Scrolls VI. Arguably the most anticipated game for the past 5 years, The Elder Scrolls VI finally got its first o...

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Battlefield V Will Feature A ‘Battle Royale’ Mode

EA's first announcement at E3 is here! And it's a surprise! The new Battlefield V won't feature the unpopular lootboxes, but will feature the hyped 'Battle Royale' mode popularized by PUBG and Fortnite! Battlefield V, the next entry of the ...

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Tower of Time Review

Assemble your squad, enter a mysterious tower and proceed with utmost care. In Tower of Time, you control the destiny of society as you make your way through a world full of technology and most recently, magic. Can you find all the secrets ...

8.5 Great
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Far Cry 5 Final Review

The United States are the perfect place... for a Far Cry game. In Far Cry 5, your extraordinary enemies are American civilians of a religious cult. Exploring Montana has never been as fun! You'll be able to team up with locals and animals, ...

7 Good
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Far Cry 5 Review In Progress

The Far Cry franchise has been spotted... in the United States! Lead the Resistance in Far Cry's latest entry, in which you take on Christian extremists! With a bigger map than ever before in a Far Cry game, a campaign that supports co-op a...

7.5 Good
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Stephen Hawking earns himself a tribute in gaming

Stephen Hawking's life is one worth celebrating. The physicist died March 14th 2018 and was well-known for his many scientific works, such as the 'Hawking radiation'. Because of his many theories about space and black holes, the gaming comm...

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Sonic Team Announces 2018 Plans

Sonic Team announced a bunch of new stuff for the blue hedgehog, as Sonic Mania Plus, Sonic Mania Adventures and a new Sonic Racing Game all have been teased. Also, Sonic has collaborated with Puma! All these announcements were officially m...

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Fantastic Beasts Sequel To Release This November

Beware of the evil and infamous wizard Gellert Grindelwald! He's escaped and attempts to take over the world. Can Albus Dumbledore, with the help of Newt Scamander, stop him? Find out this november as the second movie of the Fantastic Beast...

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Dragon Quest Builders Review (Switch)

Build your own city! Survive the dangers of the wilderness! When monsters and humans clash once more, it's up to you as The Builder to revive the greatness of civilization. Work together with survivors and build a glorious future with your ...

8 Great
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Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Review

Expand your journey! Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is everything you'll need as a fan of Civilization VI, or as a fan of strategy gaming in general, as it expands on its strengths and is the most fulfilling version of Sid Meier's Civilizat...

9 Amazing