Author: Daniel Gaudiello

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Batman – The Telltale Series Ep. 4 Review

As the series draws closer to its finale, what will Bruce Wayne do now that he's in Arkham? How will he deal with the consequences of the last episodes? introduction SPOILER ALERT! Well here we are again with more questions, and more WTF mo...

9.5 Amazing
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Space Ribbon Preview

The year is 2132. Creatures have been found in space that vomit race tracks from their mouth. Umm...start your engines? That's what I said to myself When I read about this game. Sounding weird and being weird is what this game is. Is it wor...

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Batman – The Telltale Series, Children of Arkham

After episode 1 of Batman - The Telltale Series, what's next for our Caped Crusader as the mystery behind his parents and the cause of their death begins to unravel. Also, what will this revolution, Oswald Cobblepott talked about, have in s...

9 Amazing
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We Happy Few Preview (XboxOne)

We Happy Few from Compulsion games thrusts you into a game of survival suspense. This game is worth it to anyone who likes FPS suspense games. The only difference is there's no shooting. With its amazing graphics, a finished version is all ...

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Tom vs. The Armies of Hell Review

Tom vs. The Armies of Hell is a wonderful adult take on an invasion of Earth. It is absolutely not a kid's game. With cursing, adult humor, and a lot of crude jokes, anyone who likes platformers will not pass this game by. Introduction Tom ...

7 Good
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Mantis Burn Racing Preview

Mantis Burn Racing is a classic racer with clear-cut races and different play styles. However, there are some differences than your Need for Speed and Burnout titles. If you want a no-nonsense straight racing title , then indie developer Vo...