Author: Dan Hodges

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Aporia: Beyond the Valley Review

A beautiful world and a captivating mystery. Sound good? Aporia offers both in a neatly crafted and compelling package, with some novel puzzle design layered on top. INTRODUCTION Aporia: Beyond the Valley is a beautiful game. A puzzle game ...

7.8 Good

Hollow Knight Review

Like Dark Souls? Like Metroidvanias? Then you'll love Hollow Knight! A 2D platformer with a definitive style, Hollow Knight offers a challenging and rewarding experience exploring a lost and desolate kingdom as you grow more and more powerf...

8.8 Great
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The Fidelio Incident Review

A rich and rewarding experience, The Fidelio Incident is a story-driven adventure set in the desolate yet beautiful Icelandic tundra. A brief journey, but one worth seeing through to the end. INTRODUCTION The term “walking simulator&r...

8.1 Great