Author: Damyan Momchev

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Dungeons of Betrayal Preview

Dungeons of Betrayal is a stereotypical RPG Maker game. It comes with questionable story, inconsistent graphics, and very little value that would make its price tag make sense. Fortunately, it is still in early access, so the developers do ...

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Heat Signature Review

Heat Signature is not a bad game at all. It does lack certain aspects that are present in most modern video games, but this only adds to the experience. If you are interested in the idea of breaking into spaceships, making horrible mistakes...

8.5 Great
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Destiny 2 Patch Adds Factions and Balance Tweaks

The latest Destiny 2 patch is here. Among the plethora of bug fixes, Bungie snuck in a few new features too. Faction Rallies will soon be active and players will be able to earn faction-specific loot. Additionally, the Crucible has been sli...