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Onikira: Demon Killer – Interview with Digital Furnace Games

Interview with Andrew from Digital Furnace Games about a 2D action platformer game Onikira: Demon Killer. Game with gorgeous graphics and amazing sound. And here you can explore how was the game created and what was in the background. Can y...

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Interview with Boomzap about Legends of Callasia

Today's interview with Monika and Nelson, part of the Boomzap Entertainment team about strategic game Legends of Callasia, beeing released in 2016. An epic strategy game of world conquest with simultaneous turn-based multiplayer gameplay an...

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Interview with developers of Torek

Interview with developers of Torek - Hero of The Painted World, the indie studio Imagine Dream Game. Where the idea of the game came from, what is the all behind, description of the Torek's and Painter's world. And some short introduction o...

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Hopply – Interview with Clayburger studio

Interview with developers Matěj and Peter, Indie studio Clayburger. The clay masters focused to prepare fun with smile on player's face while playing their games. We met Clayburger studio at GDS 2015 in Prague. We were really excited about ...

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