Author: Brian Grete

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Star Wars: Battlefront – Escape Artist Star Card added

A new Star Card has emerged for the base game. It's time to hit another Hutt Contract! The Escape Artist EA Dice has released another free update for Star Wars: Battlefront players. It's a new Star Card called, "The Escape Artist&...

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Breached Review

Alone, trapped, and in the middle of nowhere. Time is of the essence, or you will die. Can you save yourself, or will you be another faceless victim who never got to deliver his important message? Come see what Nkidu Games Inc has in store ...

4 Poor
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Star Wars: Battlefront – Death Star Expansion Update

The Death Star expansion brings brand new vehicles, blasters, and Star Cards for you to master. The Death Star Expansion EA Dice is happy to announce Battlefront fans about the upcoming DLC. Featuring our favorite walking carpet Chewb...

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Star Wars: Battlefront – upcoming Summer update

A new update has been announced by EA DICE. It will feature the new Offline Mode that players have been long waiting for A new update has been announced by EA DICE. A future update is coming out on July 20, 2016. It will feature the new Off...

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Five: Guardians of David Review

Ever thought of a story in the Bible being turned into a Video Game? Then come check it out. It is made for both Christians and fellow gamers. Explore the world at the time of Israel's early Kingdom hood. Follow David, the rightfully anoint...

8.5 Great
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A Guide for New Battlefront Gamers

Did you just buy Star Wars Battlefront long after its release? Then this guide will teach you how to get started off right without being just another meat-bag for maxed out level gamers. Ready to start? The acclaimed Star Wars Video game ha...

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Quantum Break VS. Singularity

Due to the recent release of Quantum Break, many gamers got a taste at live Time manipulation systems. But is the concept all that original? Perhaps we can take at look at One of Activision's published games back in 2010. "Singularity" A lo...

8 Great