Author: Avraham Behar

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Oxenfree Review

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller, mystery game about a group of friends who, while attempting to have a fun night out before their senior year of high school, end up experiencing what will slowly become the worst night of their lives. Yo...

9.5 Amazing
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Gone Home Review

Gone Home is a story-driven, mystery game wherein you arrive home from a trip overseas and are greeted by an empty house. You must search the house looking for clues as to your family's whereabouts. The underlying mystery manages to be both...

8 Great
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The Blackwell Legacy Review

The Blackwell Legacy is an intriguing point-and-click adventure game that follows a young woman named Rosangela Blackwell in the wake of her discovery that she can communicate with the dead. If you enjoy the mystery genre, then this might b...

5 Average
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To the Moon Review

If you're searching for a story-oriented, RPG experience with a retro style, look no further than To the Moon! Can you put together the puzzle pieces of the past in order to satisfy the final request of a dying man? Embark on an adventure w...

8.5 Great
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The Beginner’s Guide Review

Prepare yourself for a healthy dose of introspection and confusion as you dive into The Beginner's Guide, a game brought to you by Davey Wreden of Everything Unlimited Ltd., the maker of The Stanley Parable. If you're a fan of cerebral gami...

3 Bad
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Hand of Fate Review

Prepare yourself for an engrossing and intense adventure with Hand of Fate! A combat oriented, deck building RPG, Hand of Fate is a unique experience from start to finish. Explore mysterious caves, help starving villagers, and fight living ...

9 Amazing
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Don’t Open the Doors! Review

The uniqueness and originality of Don't Open the Doors! is a refreshing outlier in the modern day flood of indie games. A claymation, RPG sandbox game, Don't Open the Doors! offers a zany and entertaining experience complete with humor, adv...

6.5 Fair