Author: Alex J Jones

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Maize Review

Prepare to enter the madcap world of Maize, a first-person puzzle adventure game in which you must delve into the mysteries of this not-so-normal farmland and make some rather unique friends along the way whilst finding out exactly what hap...

7.5 Good
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Super Treasure Arena Review

The retro graphics and a great soundtrack make for a simple yet highly enjoyable game. Gather your friends, pick a class and dive straight into to the hectic fun of Super Treasure Arena. Utilize a wide array of weapons to blast, shoot and b...

6.5 Fair
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Farm Expert 2017 Review

Farm Expert 2017 is a farming simulation game which has a lot of variety compared to similar farming games. Rotate crops depending on the season, buy and sell animals and maintain all of your vehicles properly in order to run your very own ...

5.5 Average
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Zavix Tower Review

Zavix Tower is a rogue-like RPG about a never ending magical tower infested with deamons and other baddies. With an intricate skill and talented based progression system, this game will make you swear you've seen that same corridor a hundre...

5 Average