Author: Adam Self

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Everybody Has Gone To The Rapture Review (PS4)

Released last year to critical acclaim The Chinese Room's atmospheric, sci-fi wandering game Everybody Has Gone To The Rapture caused a debate on what constitutes a "Game", a discussion that continues today. But with more than a year since ...

9.1 Amazing
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Sony announces November games for Playstation Plus

The November Games for Playstation Plus have been announced by Sony and there are some interesting titles... The Chinese Room's love letter to classic British fci-fi, Everybody Has Gone to the Rapture, is free this month, for all those...

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Rockstar continue to tease Read Dead Sequel with new image

Rockstar Games have again today released a new image again teasing the Red Dead sequel that many have been waiting for.. Rockstar Games continue to tease us with possible Red Dead Redemption sequel with yet another mysterious image. Th...

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Rockstar Releases Biker DLC for GTA Online

Rockstar Games released the latest DLC expansion for GTA: Online today, with the Bikers DLC going live this morning for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This DLC adds the ability to start and run your own Motorcycle club, with its own Clubhouse and Bi...

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Skyrim concert to celebrate Skyrim remaster

Come on, admit it, If you put any decent amount of time into Skyrim's massive open world, then you'll probably jump at the chance to see a live performance of "Dragonborn", and now here is your chance. In celebration of the release of the S...