KeenGamer Podcast Episode 63 – Watch Dogs: Legion

The fall games floodgate has officially opened up with the release of Watch Dogs: Legion. The KeenCast do an analysis of the game after it's first week. Additionally there's new PS5 pre-order issues, CDPR is having stock troubles, and a new vampire battle royale may be joining the crowded field.

KeenGamer Podcast Watch Dogs Legion

Welcome to the KeenGamer podcast! This week we’re trying out a new format from our typical formula. We’ll be analyzing a recently released game, this week being Watch Dogs: Legion and Tommus has had a chance to dig into the game and give his honest thoughts on the game as a whole while Tristan and Luis ask him questions regarding the game. Additionally, the news this week includes more CD Projekt Red problems, a new battle royale joining the ever-growing genre, and even more PS5 pre-order debacles.


[01:20] Vampire The Masquerade Battle Royal
[7:55] Sony Store in Mexico sold and cancelled orders for PS5
[16:42] CD Projekt Red stock drops in the last two months
[24:45] Game Analysis: Watch Dogs: Legion

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