KeenGamer Podcast Episode 56: Video Games and Morality

In this episode, the cast looks at what it means as a consumer to continue purchasing products from these companies and what we can do as fans. As several larger companies in the video game industry have seemingly succumbed to bankrupt morals for the sake of money.

Podcast Episode 56

Welcome to Episode 56 of the official KeenGamer Podcast!

Host Tristan Zelden is back! Joined by Kira Laib and Tommus Gerwin, they have a discourse over the morality of buying products from companies with scummy practices. The cast will also go over Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Remake‘s insane success, AGDQ’s virtual event, new Black Myth: Wukong info, and Star Citizen‘s latest debacle.


[01:25] PlayStation 5 Predictions
[07:47] Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Remake Sells 1 Million Copies in Ten Days
[13:05] Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 To Be Held Virtually
[17:55] Black Myth: Wukong is the first entry in a trilogy of games based on Chinese myth
[24:11] Star Citizen Creator Responds to Criticism
[38:15] Weekly Topic: Video Games and Morality

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