KeenGamer Podcast Episode 54: The Summer of No E3

We just made it through the first summer without an E3 in 25 years. This week the cast looks back on this COVID impeded summer for the gaming industry. Is digital the way to go? Are multiple events better than one big week? Find out the casts thoughts on this new episode of the official keengamer podcast.

KeenGamer Podcast Episode 54

Episode 54 of the official KeenGamer Podcast is officially live! 

Your host Tristan Zelden is joined by Tommus Gerwin and Kira Laib to reflect on the past summer of video game events trying to fill in for E3. The news for the week covers a new Remothered trailer, PS5’s confusing backward compatibility, Marvel’s Avengers‘ disappointing monetization, and Madden 21‘s eye-popping review scores.

Time Stamps

[01:07] Remothered: Broken Porcelain Trailer Amps Up the Creepy Factor
[04:11] PS5: Ubisoft Support Page Muddies PS1, PS2, PS3 Backward Compatibility Question
[15:25] Each Post-Launch Hero in Marvel’s Avengers Will Have a $10 Battle Pass
[28:55] Madden NFL 21 Has Metacritic’s Worst User Review Score of All Time
[39:20] The Summer Without An E3

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