KeenGamer Podcast Episode 53

Superheroes are taking over the gaming industry this week! With a lot of big announcements from DC Fandome, the KeenGamer cast decided to make this week superhero focused. Come check out all of the discussion regarding superheroes in gaming.

Podcast Article 53

Welcome to Episode 53 of the official KeenGamer Podcast! 

This week is a superhero week on the podcast! Your host Tristan Zelden along with Tommus Gerwin and Kira Laib talk about the future of superhero video games, as well as some of our all-time favorites. In addition, the cast goes over the big DC FanDome announcements, the new Vampire Masquerade expansion and Crysis Remastered releases, and the events circulating Rocksteady.

Time Stamps

[0:00:00] Introductions

[0:01:05]  Vampire: The Masquerade – Shadows Of New York Has A Release Date[0:06:45] Crysis Remastered Launching On Xbox One, PS4, And PC This September

[0:11:27] Rocksteady Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations

[0:22:35] Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League First Trailer, 2022 Release

[0:34:27] The Gotham Knights World Premiere Trailer Just Dropped

[0:45:30] Show Topic: Superheroes In Gaming

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