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The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC Review

The journey was hard, but it's about time you relax. Take a dive into CreoWorld, a theme park full of animatronics that have gone to hell, just like everything else. The first major DLC for The Surge has been released and with it comes new enemies, new loot, new environments, and a new boss to defeat.

The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC Review


When I reviewed The Surge back in May last year, I was pleasantly surprised by what I experienced. No… actually I was really surprised, and not on just a whimsical and pleasant way, but i passionate way. The game is extremely underrated, but does have a few setbacks. It's not perfect; I gave it an 8/10. Even though it's a great score, I don't feel it necessarily captures the greatness. Sometimes numbers just can't represent a game. If you like the "Souls" genre, this is a true gem and one that definitely deserves a try sooner or later. To recap the story:
The main protagonist, Warren, enrolls in a program by CREO that advertises to save the world. One event leads to another, and almost everyone equipped with their mechanical suits have gone mad. It's up to you to find the reason why things with the company have gone to hell, as well as survive the countless encounters with varies enemies along the way (or rather die a whole bunch until you can learn how to survive long enough to reach the next checkpoint).

The Walk in the Park is the games first paid for DLC, after a few free ones have already been released. The coolest one before being the Fire and Ice weapon pack. This one, coming in at $14.99, offers players a chance to explore a whole new area full of new enemies. New enemies of course means new gear and new loot. If you catch a glimpse at some of these enemies, you can get an idea just how wild this gear can look.

The Surge: A Walk in the Park - Teaser Trailer

Theme Park Terror

The gameplay here is no different than what is in the base game. I hate to call games "Soul-like" but in reality it's hard not to. It is a sub-genre, and it fits this game perfectly. You'll face off against enemies who are set around the map in strategic positions every time. Some will patrol a small area, some will be in hiding waiting to jump out and get a quick advantage on you. Often times you'll face off against only one opponent, but it's far from rare to face off against multiple enemies. It's a strategy of blocking and attacking, dodging and jumping. I encourage you to check out the full review to get a greater perspective for everything it has to offer.
Again though, nothing changes. What you will find new though is some of the enemies. Many of them have taken on the appearance of theme park mascots. Not the kind you'd see at Disney World, but more along the lines of Spy Kids and those strange looking Floops characters. Big donut and soda can heads, and a handful of strange robotic ones too. No surprise you'll be able to collect all of these parts and use them to build your own suit with. Overall, a lot of super badass looking designs. Original players will know how crowded those inventories can feel; stock piled with various looking parts. Here is a great and unique addition to the library of possibilities. 

The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC New Enemies

New Boss

Slight spoilers ahead. One of the best parts about the DLC is that there's a new boss to fight. As much as I love to get my butt kicked from all the others, it's nice to get a bit of a fresh face to rip up. This, known as the Carbon Cat bring just as much challenge as the past ones, but won't deliver as epic of a battle as you might imagine. It being the only one, I did expect something way beefier and difficult. The boss starts small, roughly the same size as you, and dishes out a lot of ranged attacks. Throwing out several chains to hit you or grab environment pieces. If you dodge the main attack, be prepared for it to throw rocks back out. After you beat him up a bit, he will become more aggressive and dodge at you, so prepare to evade and do a lot of sliding around. The second stage sees him transform into a beast several times as large. His attack types become numerous here, and borderline a waste of your time for me to list them out. Just know he turns into a true boss here.

Visually everything about the boss fight is awesome. The crumbling environment, the foggy arena, and often times just seeing the boss' bright green glowing eyes piercing through the haze. I did notice however some extremely lame clipping of the boss' sword through the ground when in the small form. He doesn't have it out for too long and its a predictable situation for the most part, but something that stood out to me. Everything about the DLC though is beautiful looking in a very beaten down sci-fi type of way, carrying on the overall theme of the base game.

The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC Combat Gameplay


There is not a lot of new content brought in with this DLC, but what it does bring is great fun. The addicting and rewarding combat is still present, as well as the aggression from enemies that will make you feel like the odds are against you as you explore. The boss, Carbon Cat, is a worthy opponent, even if a bit predictable. The theme park, titled Creo Park, is arguably the most exciting map to run through in the game, full of great variety in environmental designs and bright colors. It probably works best to play through during a fresh run, but playing it with a New Game Plus account won't be the worst thing to do. Overall, a great content drop from the developers who have already delivered a great base game.I recommend everyone try the game, as well as the DLC. Don't forget to go grab that free Fire and Ice weapons pack as well from the stores of your console choice.

 + Several hours of new gameplay  – Several hours may not feel like a lot to some
 + New and interesting map
 + Wild characters that change up the scene
 + Fun combat as usual

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