The Crow’s Eye Review

Experience this first-person psychological thriller that puts players at the abandoned Medical University of Crowswood. Finding your way out of this place won’t be that easy, however, you must solve intricate puzzles to ensure your escape of this mad house.

The Crow's Eye Review


The Crow’s Eye is a first-person psychological thriller that puts players into solving interesting puzzles and finding out the story more through letters and audio recordings.

If you enjoy a casual game that makes you think and have a love for voice acting than The Crow’s Eye is just for you.

You can purchase this on Steam for $14.99.


The Crow’s Eye is set in the University of Crowswood where a couple of students, policemen, and professors have gone missing. You play as a person who suddenly wakes up at the University and is greeted upon a mad scientist through a speaker that tells you he’s going to put you through a series of experiments. Throughout the story, you will uncover the truth as to why all of this happens and why it does through audio recordings and letters.

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The Crow's Eye Review


There are many things that you will be doing in The Crow’s Eye. Primarily what you’ll be doing throughout the entire campaign is exploring, crafting and solving puzzles. I’ll start by talking about the exploration portion of the game because you will be doing a lot of it. Exploration is quite easy, you have to look around in all the rooms to find keys to unlock doors, find letters and audio recordings to better understand the story more. I really had a fun time just wandering around in the University going through abandoned rooms.

I especially liked the letters and audio recordings because they provided more story. While some of the letters were a little too long for my taste, they were pretty impactful in the way that they were written. These weren’t cheesy dialogue or general letters, they actually had some depth to them. Especially when it came to the audio recordings, they were very well voice acted and made this reality we are experiencing far more interesting.

The Crow's Eye Review - Read letters to understand the story more
Now let’s talking about the crafting system in the game. How crafting works in The Crow’s Eye is actually quite simple. You pick up certain items that are needed for the item you are making for example if I wanted to make bandages I would need cloth and tape. Once you have those two items just open your inventory and put them together, then it’s crafted and ready to use. It’s a really simple system that you honestly won’t be using a lot in the game. I primarily used it for making bandages and lockpicks. I used it to make bandages because throughout the game in some puzzles you can hurt yourself and that’s when those come in handy.

In other parts of the game lockpicks are necessary to be able to move on to the next area, so you are forced to create lockpicks, other than those two items I didn’t have any other use for using the crafting in the game. I’m not even sure why a crafting system was even implemented to start with instead of us just finding the items. Like I said it’s a very simplistic system that you won’t be using much unless necessary to move onto a different portion of the game or to simply heal yourself from when you get hurt.

The Crow's Eye Review - Crafting is only necessary in certain parts of the game
Last but not least I want to talk about the puzzles of the game. Almost immediately in the beginning of the game, you are introduced to a mechanic called the adrenaline shot. This adrenaline shot makes time slowed down, makes you a lot faster and it allows you to jump an even further distance so you can jump on platforms that are far away a lot easier. This mechanic will help you easily solve platforming puzzles a lot easier, this game would be a nightmare without it. A couple puzzles will test your skills in using the adrenaline shot carefully but the great thing is you can use it however much you want but only for a short amount of time until it recharges again.

Later in the game, you will acquire an item called the electromagnet which can push objects away from you and pull them towards you. This can only be used on red boxes though not just any item in the game. There are also environmental cues that will use the electromagnet as well that you can push yourself off from and transport yourself via these red and black square spaces or red and black orbs. I loved using the electromagnet, it was definitely the highlight of the game for me because at some points you would have to combine platforming while using the adrenaline shot and transporting yourself via the black and red orbs. It was thrilling and satisfying to finish a puzzle using these combined elements.
The Crow's Eye Review - Use the orbs and square spaces to your advantage to achieve where you need to go
Not all puzzles will be using the electromagnet, there are other puzzles such as moving these floating blocks into specific places by its color, putting switches aligned in a specific order so that it will open a door and moving boxes in a certain order that will match the design in trying to unlock a door. My only gripe with these three kinds of puzzles that I encountered is that I would encounter them again later in the game except only slightly altered or it looked different. These other puzzles in the game were very entertaining to play and I'm glad The Crow's Eye didn't just stick to one area when it came to puzzle solving, they created many that were different from each other.

I was very disappointed about this because it’s essentially like I’m doing the same tedious puzzle again but differently. Don’t get me wrong, though, that was only these three puzzles in specific, there are plenty of puzzles in this game that are different from each other and that they don’t repeat themselves differently again later in the game. I was just more annoyed that I had to do these again it get frustrating when you had problems the first time to solve it and then to realize that you have to do an alternative version of practically the same thing over again.

The Crow's Eye Review - Puzzle #1 doesn't seem so bad
And then you come to realize later in the game that you're just doing the same thing over again for some reason. This may be nitpicking but this is definitely something to consider and shouldn't be taken lightly.

The Crow's Eye Review - Why does this feel so familiar?


The graphics for this game aren’t too bad at all. The setting of the game is at a University so you’re expected to be seeing a lot of hallways and old abandoned classrooms. For the first half of the game, you will pretty much see the same thing over and over again and it doesn’t help that this game is pretty dark too. That’s why you have your lighter though of course but everything is just a lot of the same after a while. Towards the end of the game, you will start to see other things than the University which was nice because I started to get bored seeing the same thing over and over again. Everything is pretty detailed though and I appreciate the developers for putting the time into making everything look genuine here.

The Crow's Eye Review - Atmosphere is pretty surreal in this game


The best part of audio in The Crow’s Eye is the acting for sure. It is so superb and I appreciate the hard work they put into this here. Acting in the game is phenomenal when you pick up the audio recordings they’re actually fun to listen to and really leave an impact sometimes. These weren’t cheesy at all, I actually took them very seriously and enjoyed every new audio recording I stumbled upon throughout the campaign. The mad scientist himself deserves an applaud because he sounds like the joker. His acting was the most entertaining for me because he just made the game far more interesting and a joy to play, it was hard to hate him honestly. Props to all the actors involved for making this game an even more immersive experience.


The Crow’s Eye is a fun first person thriller puzzle game. It creates a unique idea that stands out from other games and I enjoyed the fact that it was just so original. I didn’t feel like it tried to copy and games or cheap out in any way possible. Its puzzles were simplistic but fun to solve and its story was a blast to endure because of the superb acting in picking up those audio recordings or hearing the mad scientist come onto the speaker. If you like casual psychological thriller puzzle games then this one is the right one for you.

+ Strong voice acting – Some repeated puzzles
+ Original idea – Eventually boring atmosphere
+ Fun puzzle solving – Hard to follow story until later in the game
+ For the price, it's pretty long – Jumping mechanic can be gimmicky

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