The Crew – final review

The Crew - final review. IGN published the review of this new racing game. Is it worth buying?

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Luke Reilly from IGN reviewed The Crew. The final results probably represent the general feeling of all players and it summarize it nicely.

What the game gets right is its continental map of USA. You can freely ride around and enjoy many beautiful sceneries. However some graphical effects, no weather system and other visual aspects are not the same quality as other similar games like Forza Horizon 2 or Driveclub. Also the MMO feeling is not there. You can try to play co-op games with other players but almost nobody wants to join you and you have no need to join others. Unfortunately.

Another downside is the AI which is always better than it should be. No matter the cars, no matter the terrain the AI is still better than it should be. But at least the PvP racing is based on the quality of your cars and the better the car the better the final results. And PvP is also well rewarded.

The RPG element comes on the surface after you get your toon to level 50. Then the necessity to grind platinum parts is a neverending story (or at least time demanding). But as we said above better cars are simple more effective in PvP so there is a need to farm these parts.

And the final words of Luke?

The Crew deserves credit for the frankly staggering size of its open world, and the fact that it’s absolutely filled to the brim with racing, challenges, a fat multiplayer offering, and exploration potential. This scope, however, has resulted in some noticeable visual concessions, the racing itself is too often hamstrung by AI prone to unfair bursts of speed that do nothing but frustrate, and I was surprised at how unwilling the community currently seems to join co-op missions and just how difficult the game’s often miserly winnings makes collecting the cars.

Click on the link after the break to read full review and watch the added video.


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