Tesla vs Lovecraft Review (PS4)

Take control of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla as he takes on the horror fiction of HP Lovecraft in this intense and addictive arcade shooter. Use powerful weapons and the Tesla-Mech to keep the horrors at bay. All the above and more in this mysterious action packed top-down shooter.

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review (PS4) A showdown of two great minds.


Tesla vs Lovecraft is a twin stick top-down arena shooter where you take on the many horrors from the fictional works of HP Lovecraft as the famous scientist Nikola Tesla. The game has you move from level to level as you battle hordes of monsters in intense and arcade style combat. Make use of the Quantum Teleportation device to escape tight corners, or to just move around the arena quicker.

The aim of the game is simple, stay alive and kill everything in your way, doing so using various weapons and power ups scattered around the arena. If you collect enough pieces, you jump in the devastatingly powerful Tesla-Mech. Once you beat the level, it's time to do it all over again as each level will spike in difficulty and content.

The game can be bought on the PlayStation Store for your regional price.

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review (PS4) Tesla feeling pitty for his soon to be enemy it seems like


The story for Tesla vs Lovecraft is never really laid out for you to take in. The intro that plays as you begin the game shows  Tesla presenting an audience with some electrical inventions that seem to wow them, until the horror writer H.P Lovecraft turns up to spoil the event. Lovecraft is therefore arrested, leaving Tesla to later find his lab on fire caused by the monsters and some of his gadgets stolen. After this, Tesla sets out to search and destroy every last one. 

The story mode is a missed opportunity in my opinion, they have a pretty wacky concept but don’t exploit it. It’s quite disappointing as it could’ve been the games saving grace. Character development wouldn’t have been a difficult task, as both the titular characters are famous historical figures and are essentially open for research. Whilst I still think gameplay is king in video games, I think story is almost just as important. That’s why I can’t love this game as much as I’d like to.


The game has you take on hordes of monsters using a variety of weapons and pickups, each level has a unique level design forcing you to adjust to each situation and avoid the monsters in different ways. the game is loaded with pure fast paced shooter action which can be fun and addictive. Each level you will be able to locate parts to assemble and enter the Tesla-Mech, a climb in Mech with a minigun on each arm to deliver devastating power to take down multiple enemies in very quick succession. A key mechanic is the Quantum Teleportation device, you use this item to escape intense moments such as getting trapped by many enemies.

During each level you gain XP and get access to perks that can make Tesla stronger. The weapons you find around the level are for the most part very handy and useful, also quite fun to use. For each gun there is a powerup, these abilities are only available for a certain amount of time, so use them wisely. A different kind of powerup are like special abilities, they aren't timed but are limited in usage. An example would be the Nova Blast, use this to quickly take out multiple enemies that have you surrounded.

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review (PS4)

Level progression is fast, each level ranges from 3-4 minutes in length, which makes sense for how this type of game plays. Gameplay is very repetitive, after playing a few hours of this game I quickly lost interest in progressing through the game, this disappointed me as I was expecting something fresh that deep into the game. The lack of narrative also negatively affects the gameplay, as I'm shooting all these monsters, I feel like I'm doing so for no reason.
Whilst you are given weapons throughout the game, I feel they could’ve given us more in terms of depth, you will pretty much find the weapon you think is best to shoot down multiple enemies at once, and you’ll stick to it for the whole game. I wish there was more to use, because after a while using the Tommy gun can get boring. Being stuck in the rythym of looking for your favourite gun and then just doing the exact same thing you did in the last level gets boring and stale pretty quick. 

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review (PS4)

Repetitive gameplay is a common sin in video games right now, but for a game like this that obviously isn’t hugely popular, it’s quite damaging. Now I’m not saying this game is necessarily bad, it just isn’t as fun and dynamic as it could be. Let’s talk about bosses, they aren’t very exciting. This is where the pacing of levels takes a hit. While you’d expect the boss to give you some trouble you can destroy them fairly quickly. For a gamer like me who is used to bosses giving me a hard time, I pretty much laughed at these bosses. 

graphics and audio 

The game sounds and looks good, boasting some very fitting music. Given that this is a top-down game, you can't expect an amazing visual performance, this is remedied by the nicely designed environments. My highlight was how the rhythm of the music matched the pace of the gameplay. The monsters sound pretty basic, with not much variety in their sound. The thing that sounds most impressive to me is the guns, from normal rounds to fire rounds, the guns sound awesome. 

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review (PS4) Tesla presenting a piece of technology


Tesla vs Lovecraft doesn't do much for me, It's a lot of fun for the first hour or two but the repetitive nature of the game just doesn't make it very attractive or an overall impressive game. If this game had more in terms of enemies, level progression and unlockable content, it could stand out. But this game does hold some unique layers, the combination of two massive figures in history makes for a wacky experience, only I wish the game elaborated more on story.    

+ Satisfying shooting gameplay – Repetitive gameplay
+ Great sound effects – Lack of depth
+ Nicely crafted environments – Next to no story

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