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TerraTech Review

Terratech is a sandbox construction and combat game. There are four game modes currently in the game’s early access stage: Campaign, R&D Test Chamber, Sumo, and Gauntlet. The release date for TerraTech was on February 6th, 2015. It’s still in development receiving constant updates from its developers, Payload Studios. The community has granted the game mostly positive reviews. This little indie construction game is going to continue to improve and impress.

Base mechanics in TerraTechIntroduction

Did you play with building blocks or LEGOs as a young person? Of course you did. Terratech attempts to be the grown-up version of these childish activities, and I would say it has succeeded. The developers over at Payload Studios have created an amazing indie, sandbox, construction game that features tons of action and adventure for grown-up kids to enjoy and not feel ashamed. That’s right! This is a game where the player (YOU!) gets to build their own creations, drive/fly them around, and blow other’s creations to smithereens. There are not too many restrictions on building your vehicles. The player has ultimate freedom to build whatever he can imagine. Besides building, there are a few other interesting aspects of TerraTech that might keep you amused.

The regular game is being sold on Steam for $19.99.
The deluxe edition, which includes the R&D Expansion pack and new parts to build with is being sold for $28.99, OR you can purchase the expansion pack separately for $9.99.


Yes, there is more to this game than building stuff and blowing other stuff up, although almost unnecessarily. Four game modes exist in TerraTech currently: Campaign, R&D Test Chamber, Sumo, and Gauntlet. The Campaign features a rough storyline to accompany a specific starting point for the player. At the beginning of this game mode, the player crash lands with minimal resources on an unknown planet. The game will somewhat guide you through the process of building and exploring the planet’s surface to scavenge for important parts to add to your vehicle. The player will also establish a home base of sorts and begin to grow in strength. New parts will be unlocked and new quests will show up on the player’s quest log. Excitement is not hard to find while playing TerraTech.

TerraTech Review

As well as building and fighting, the player needs to harvest resources. Using the equipment and parts that can be found on the planet, the player must build harvesting machinery as well as collect mechanisms in order to gain resources. To aid them in this objective, the player can build AI robots to harvest things for them. The AI in TerraTech, however, needs a lot of improvement and can easily get stuck or sometimes simply just not work. Actually, a few things need improvement in my opinion. The UI (User Interface) of the the strategy game should be revamped. It is dull, lackluster and, frankly, a little confusing to navigate. The quality of the UI does not match the quality of the game. The game’s graphics is stunning. I really can’t find anything wrong with the graphics, except for the brightness of everything (and that’s just me being weird and picky). The graphics of TerraTech is fantastically attractive and Payload Studios deserves recognition for that. Simplicity and beauty are combined to craft this aesthetically pleasing video game.

The gameplay got a little tiresome after a few days of playing this game. I found myself getting frustrated at the controls and physics of the game occasionally. It is difficult to put my finger on, but something about the game felt slow and unresponsive in regards to building the vehicles and fighting with them. Maybe I was the slow one? Anywho, TerraTech, fortunately, offers three other game modes if the player gets tired of Campaign mode.

Aerial vs ground combat in TerraTech

Game modes

Besides Campaign, TerraTech offers three other pretty awesome game modes. The first of which is the R&D Test Chamber. Think of Creative Mode in Minecraft. The R&D Test Chamber mode allows players to have ultimate control over the building process. Unlimited resources and unlocked parts are provided for the player to build with. It is also possible to load saved creations built previously, or even load creations made by players from the community. It’s endless fun for the creative, engineering type.

Sumo is another available game mode. In Sumo, two players use their creations to push each other outside of a circle. The first one outside the circle or the first one to get destroyed wins.

Finally, the last game mode is Gauntlet. Gauntlet is a great game mode for TerraTech players who enjoy the competitive aspect of building practical vehicles. Your vehicle must be able to maneuver attack and defend in order to succeed. This game mode is the ultimate test of your building capabilities.

Aspects of TerraTech

Some interesting aspects of TerraTech are things such as the multiplayer experience. In campaign mode, the player can watch other players’ streams which are advertised in the game’s UI. Creations can be shared via Twitter. There is a lot of effort by the developers to include player-to-player experiences, which is commendable. I hope that the developers of this strategy game continue to advance their game with the help of the community. This game has a great concept that almost every gamer can get behind, building!

A bunch of building cubes in TerraTech


TerraTech is a great game that I feel can be pushed further. The developers, Payload Studios, seem to care a lot about its progress, and I have high hopes for it. If you enjoy dipping your creative hands into a game's framework, this is the game for you. The graphics will amaze you, the soundtrack will too. The gameplay itself is great, but the UI, AI, and a few other things require some tweaking.

TerraTech also has flying vehicles

+ Clean, pleasing graphics.– Bad user interface.
+ Open world sandbox gameplay.– AI is annoyingly incapable.
+ Freedom to construct anything.– Gameplay gets repetitive.
+ Enjoyable combat.

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This review definitely needs updating. There is so much more to the game, and it’s a bad habit to be so critical of an ever-changing game in early access.     The user interface has drastically improved, even a 7 year-old can use it. (That clearly shows something about whoever wrote this review, by the way).     Anyway, moving on without the insults since that is probably more professional of myself:   You say ‘enjoyable combat’ at the bottom in the table, YET you still use ‘AI is annoyingly incapable’. I’m sorry, but you just contradicted yourself very badly.… Read more »


Hi Gameslinx, you are definitely right and it should have been rather a preview. But for now, the author is not working for us anymore so if you have some relevant information, feel free to post it here…. Thanks.

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