WrestleQuest Review: Old School Meets Old School (Switch)

It’s time to see what you got to become a professional wrestler in the 2023 video game, WrestleQuest. Take the journey to find out if you have what it takes to prove the naysayers wrong and rise up to the occasion to etch your own markings in the wrestling business. Bodyslam your way to glory!

WrestleQuest Review: Old School Meets Old School (Switch)

Take a trip through far lands and tough-looking gyms in this exciting jam-packed video game called WrestleQuest. If playing an RPG with professional wrestling wrapped around it was your thing, then consider this your home… or wrestling ring. The game was developed by Mega Cat Studio and was released in August of this year. WrestleQuest is being offered through the platforms of Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Netflix Games

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WrestleQuest - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Story – The Journey Begins!

You play as Randy Santos, aka Muchacho Man, who wants to be a great pro wrestler. He is upbeat and confident in his abilities to prove himself in the business of professional wrestling. So much so, that he does what he can to help teach what he knows to the greenhorns. He will also go that extra mile to take on quests to aid those who need a special request of him. Later in the game, the player will also meet up with Brink Logan.

This is Randy Santos, and he wants to be a champion

This is Randy Santos, and he wants to be a champion

Gameplay – Get Your Wrestling Groove On

In my opinion, the gameplay of WrestleQuest is pretty solid. It has that old-school Final Fantasy vibe to it along with the flash games of the 2000’s and 2010’s. I really enjoy the sheer nostalgia that you get while playing it not just in a video game sense, but also in a pro wrestling sense. The game throws in a lot of blast from the past characters from the old-school wrestling scene. People like Macho Man Randy Savage and Jake The Snake Roberts.

Inside Buildings / World Map

You start out at the gym that you train in. I appreciate the fact that some of the objects in the area can be interacted with by Randy Santos. It adds an extra layer of depth to the overall experience. There is also a world map that the player will travel through to get to specific destinations in the game.

The world map in the game that is used to find Randy's way from area to area

The world map in the game that is used to find Randy’s way from area to area

Learn the Ropes

The game is basically like taking an RPG and dipping it into the wrestling industry. In my opinion, I think this was a dicey approach to the genre of Wrestling games, but it was still well executed by the designers. The game features skills and items that you would find in a Phantasy Star game, if Phantasy Star had the visual appeal of RuneScape in the 2000s.

A Match

During a match battle inside the ring, the setup feels to me to be like a Final Fantasy battle in the 90s… again, dicey but hit the nail on the head regardless. Here, you will deliver moves to your opponent. Things like, basic moves, and special moves that are called gimmicks in the game. I really enjoyed the concept of managers that basically act like familiars for the wrestlers. Solid concept that is completed with the action of pinning an opponent that requires time precision to get the three count.

A match battle in WrestleQuest, as the crowd cheers on

A match battle in WrestleQuest, as the crowd cheers on

Audio & Graphics – Pump Up the Crowd!

The graphics in WrestleQuest is what I enjoy in games in general. It’s simple and easy on the eyes. The cutscenes throughout the game between the action in a match battle were a nice touch. I really enjoyed how the overall layout of the game flowed with one another. The design was very fun and soft and it made for a very clutter-free environment. 

As for the sound, I found it very humorous when interacting with a character that they would say something and the text of what they were saying was different. That was a wonderful touch. And the music in the background was mostly tame… which I enjoyed. It didn’t feel like it was trying to overpower what was happening on the screen in terms of gameplay.

WrestleQuest was reviewed on a Nintendo Switch. 

WrestleQuest has a nice blend of Professional Wrestling, and RPG, that keeps the player invested in the storyline that is being told. Both Santos and Logan have a reason to want to succeed just like everyone has in the real world. The humor is nicely sprinkled throughout the game, and the match battles are, though intense at times, fun and enjoyable. WrestleQuest is a bold wrestling game that placed elements from the RPG genre of gaming and made it work. I'd give this game a go!
  • Great nostalgia in both gameplay and wrestling references
  • Wonderful background music
  • Nice layout
  • Some might find the quick button pushing during a match battle too fast

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