The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Review (Switch)

Five time traveling misfit crew members set their sails for Woolley Mountain as they learn that not only has the witch of Woolley Mountain take their captain but also a group of children. Solve puzzles and help your fellow crew members as you point and click your way to Woolley Mountain. It's a dangerous adventure. Who knows what that nasty witch is plotting but if it involves kidnapping it can't be good.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Review (Switch)


The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is a point and click adventure about traveling through time and saving children from an evil witch on a mountain of course. This game was developed by LightFoot Brothers and was released on the Nintendo Switch and PC on April 10, 2019. It was funded on Kickstarter and thanks to backers like Ron Gilbert a legend of the point and click adventure and others this adventure was able to begin. Just point, click, figure out the puzzles and enjoy The Mystery of Woolley Mountain.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain - extended trailer 2018

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is available for purchase at the Nintendo website for $9.74


Since this was a point and click adventure, I was expecting a better story but it seems to be nothing special. You play as Garland a tidy butler character. He likes everything all neat and is one of the five members in the Vandamme’s crew. However, Vandamme is kidnapped trying to rescue children that were kidnapped by a witch on Woolley Mountain. So, it’s up to you as Garland to save the day.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Review (Switch). Run Down Town
Garland seems to be the only one who cares about getting anything done. He is also the only one that cares that Vandamme is missing. The other four crew members are so busy thinking about themselves they can’t even give you the time of day. So, it’s up to you to drag them along on the adventure. It probably would have been best to leave them alone. It seems like Garland could save the day on his own, but he insists on bringing the other four with him. The crew is other members of the crews are almost nuisances proving useful every once in a while.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Review (Switch). Monster!
Luckily, you have time travel technology to help you out on your adventure because the crew will rarely be of any help. There is always a drawback to having time travel technology. Who knows what effects your time travels might have if any as you travel to Woolley Mountain? One thing is for sure Garland will be there to clean up everyone’s mess including his own.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Review (Switch). Trap


This is a point and click adventure so sometimes you might be literally picking up someone’s trash. To pick things up, examine them or talk to a character just hover the cursor on them and hit B. You can also drag items from your inventory to use on other objects on the screen. Items in your inventory can even be combined and separated. Also, all the objects and people you can interact with can be highlighted by pressing R. It’s all your basic point and click gameplay. Even though it is a basic point and click game it is not without flaws. I as clicked my way through this adventure I encountered my fair share of bugs.

One bug I ran into was that after I fixed a hole in the sub with a projector screen, I was able to go back and grab the screen two more times. The two screens still sat on my inventory even after moving on to a section of the story. They were even in my inventory once I got to play as Vandamme who was on his own adventure. When I tried to use the folded screen Garland’s voice began speaking. They were nowhere near each other. Vandamme shouldn’t have even had them.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Review (Switch). Auto
However, most of the bugs I ran into were loading problems sometimes after interacting with certain items after certain events. I am not sure which event I finished before to make this happen but after running around outside of the ship on the second island I was trying to figure out where to go and I found myself back in the ship pointlessly playing one of the crew members drum set. The game stopped after that. I had to reset it. It’s a good thing that this game autosaves nearly constantly. It’s just a minor annoyance but it does sometimes make just leave the game off.

Graphics and Audio

The audio also makes me want to leave the game off sometimes. It all makes me feel like I’m playing a JumpStart game. The music is unappealing all the voice acting sounds like everyone is telling a story to a child. This is geared way more towards children than everyone else. The voices of the villains give me a headache they are so annoying. The witch almost sounds like a voice changer set on alien just slightly deeper. The voices were also too hard to hear or understand sometimes. If it weren’t for the subtitles, I would have missed a good amount of the story.

The graphics in this game hold up better than the audio. Everyone is simple and looks like they were made out of construction paper. It’s a nice simple appealing style but it still feels like for children.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Review (Switch). A Trip


The game says it has humor in it for all ages and claims to be a comedy. The jokes are there but they all fall flat. There must not be much humor in it for people my age. The story isn’t entertaining nor is the dialogue. The gameplay is simple but is buggy as of now and the characters voices are too gentle, and others are high pitched and gravely. I was ready for some laughs from this comedy but failed to deliver. This may be one adventure on the Switch you might want to point and click away from.

Pros Cons
+ Appealing graphics – Buggy gameplay
+ For all ages – Story isn’t very interesting
  – Not very funny

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  1. Thanks for your honest review and for finding those bugs. They will be updated in the next patch!





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