One Line Coloring Review: Zen You Can Jump Into! (Switch)

It is sometimes hard to find a puzzle game that is truly accessible to any kind of player without being somewhat frustrating. One Line Coloring hits the mark with charming visuals and seamless gameplay for players of all ages to create stunning visuals and escape from the real world for a while.

One Line Coloring Review: Zen You Can Jump Into! (Switch) Cover

One Line Coloring is a simple game. There is no plot. There are no epic action scenes or fights to be apart of. There are no huge dramatic scores that will stick in your head for weeks. None of those things are here, yet this game still became a part of my normal routine for a while. Players of all ages can experience charming visuals that resemble pastel origami and a backing track that makes it easy to complete the puzzles with ease and relaxation. 

One Line Coloring is available on mobile for Android or iOS. Additionally, it is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch

One Line Coloring - Official Release Trailer

Gameplay – Zen You Just Jump Into!

One Line Coloring puts the player directly in the sweet dot-connecting action without much guidance, because not much is needed. The concept is simple: connect the dots line by line without going over lines that have already been drawn. However, while the concept may be simple, it is not always the easiest to actually complete.

There was a lot of trial and error involved on my part as I solved the puzzles and drew these adorable pictures one by one, but that is the point of the game! I had never felt actively frustrated as I played through the areas of One Line Coloring, only encouragement to find the correct solution. It is very easy to backtrack if I feel as if I have made a mistake or just want to try a different route. The seamless process to backtrack and drawing lines directly on the screen makes it very accessible to players of all ages, as even younger audiences can understand the controls with ease. 

Finished drawing of a squirrel

Finished drawing of a squirrel

There are 6 different areas featured in One Line Coloring with a total of 110 different objects to be solved and drawn. There are many options of things to draw as each area is very different, from beautiful forests to bright beaches. Once players click on an image from one of the areas, they will be taken to a drawing page where the real fun begins! Each image requires players to connect the dots on the pictures without going over previously drawn lines. Some have a set starting point already pinned, where there are others that allow the player to choose where they start instead. Though the latter seems to create more of a challenge for the player to decide the best place to actually start the puzzle.

If players would like a different kind of challenge, there is also a timer going as they draw their pictures to try and see if they can beat their previous time. Most of these puzzles did not personally take me more than a few minutes with the absolute hardest ones, and then some were over in about 30 seconds or less.

Breathtaking Forest Diorama Image

Breathtaking Forest Diorama Image

Audio/Visuals – Charming But Not Intrusive 

As I have stated before, there are no big and dramatic musical scores to be found here. No cutscenes that will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. One Line Coloring features a place of escapism, in a way. The backing track is very simple. It is not going to be the next tune that players will bob along to on their commute to work, but it still creates an atmosphere of relaxation. It promotes critical thinking by not being intrusive whatsoever and supporting the player as they inevitably draw and re-draw lines over and over again to create that beautiful image. 

The visuals are one of the main areas I feel One Line Coloring really stands out with. Each image has a very cutesy origami type look to it. When players look through the images they can draw, it is not always obvious what the object they are drawing actually is. However, part of the fun is slowly connecting the dots and watching their drawing turn into an actual breathing animation. As players finish the objects in a given area, they are met with beautiful dioramas filled with their drawings in order to admire their handy-work.

One Line Coloring was reviewed on Nintendo Switch thanks to a review key provided by MythicOwl.

One Line Coloring is a very accessible puzzle game with stunning visuals that would make it appealing to gamers of all ages. Some players may find that the overly simplistic concept for this game makes things feel like a very shallow experience. However, I personally find that the game provides a great deal of escapism from day to day life while keeping my mind occupied on a simple yet satisfying task.
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Challenge But Not Frustrating
  • Accessible to All Ages
  • Very Simplistic

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