Golf Peaks Review (Nintendo Switch)

Climb mountains in this golf themed puzzle game. As you climb higher and higher up the mountain the more difficult the puzzles become. Enjoy the simple polished style of each unique course. It's a tiny bit mountain climbing, a tiny bit of golf and a lot of puzzles.

Golf Peaks Review (Nintendo Switch)


It’s not mountain climbing, it’s not golfing, but it is puzzling. It’s a puzzle game that takes place on a mountain and uses a golf club, flag and hole. Golf Peaks was developed by AfterBurn and released on the Switch on March 14, 2019. It was released earlier on November 13, 2018 for the PC and IOS on steam and iTunes. This game is all about how well you can solve puzzles rather than how well you can golf. It’s all about the puzzles.

Golf Peaks - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Golf Peaks is available for purchase on the Nintendo website store for $4.99.


This game has no story. Like I said this game is all about the puzzles. The game gives you no reason to climb the mountain or suffer through the puzzles. It’s just you, pushing yourself to climb a mountain of puzzles. However, just because there is no story doesn’t mean that the game suffered for it. Golf Peaks could have only gained from a story from a cute simple story to go along with the simple art style and gameplay.


The goal of the game is just like golf, get the ball into the hole. A goal that sounds simple but isn’t always easy. The ball and hole start in a set position for each puzzle. The ball and hole won’t be randomly moved to a new spot for the same puzzle. So, all there is to get the ball to the hole luckily, you don’t have to be good at golf to do that just good at puzzles. To move the ball around, board cards are given to you. These cards are all the moves you can use to complete the level. The cards that move you include, hitting the ball on the ground one space, hitting the ball into the air over three spaces, and many other moves. Once you run out moves or fall off the map then its time to retry the puzzle.

Golf Peaks Review (Nintendo Switch). Green hill
As you progress through each level the puzzles get harder. Many new terrains appear that can act as obstacles. The spaces can range from sand that stops your ball in its tracks as it rolls along the ground, to water that engulfs your ball and spits it back out on to the last flat platform the ball touched. Every time a new terrain was introduced the game did a good job of teaching you what the terrain did and could be used for without directly saying what terrain does. I never felt like I was having to stay on one puzzle for too long. None of the puzzles felt like they had some obscure solution that requires you to bounce off a wall fifty times to teleport to the hole. It’s a puzzle game with practical solutions and down to earth rules. Golf Peaks has a great tutorial and fair puzzles that give you time to enjoy the simple music and graphics.
Golf Peaks Review (Nintendo Switch). Sand Dunes

Graphics and Audio

The graphics in this game are clean and simple. The art style looks like it was torn from the illustrations of a children’s book. It makes the world look cute and quaint which gives it much appeal. The style is extremely pleasing to the eyes as the mountain is traversed. The music and sound however are little more complex. No sound in this game is powerful. It’s all soft from the sound of the club hitting the ball to the ball sinking into the hole. It’s all peaceful as golf should be. The music is soft as well but as the levels get more complex, so does the music playing in the background. Even as the music becomes more complex from completing the puzzles it might be a bit distracting at first, but the music will quickly fade into the background as you try to solve every puzzle.

Golf Peaks Review (Nintendo Switch). Blue Peak


Golf Peaks is a great simple puzzle game. No skills at golf games is needed. It’s all about picking the right moves. It might have missed out on making a cute story, but it doesn’t take away from the game. It has fair puzzles, great tutorial, simple and appealing graphics and audio. Golf Peaks takes golf, mountain climbing and puzzles and smashed them together keeping one big theme from all of them. The goals are simple, but the task can prove challenging. This is one mountain that should be climbed, just try to not break too many golf clubs on your way up.

Pros Cons
 + Fair puzzles  – No story
 + Great tutorial  
 + Great simple gameplay  
 + Pleasing simple graphics  

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