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Sombrero Review

"This game ain't big enough for the four of us" Calling all outlaws! Get ready to play against your friends in a four player death match filled with guns, aliens and cheese!?

Sombrero Review


Be prepared to make some new friends and enemies with this new multiplayer shooter. Sombrero is a western themed multiplayer filled with outlaws fighting to the death to see who walks out with the most gold. Needless to say, this game is very entertaining for anyone who enjoys multiplayer shooters.

Among from being an online multiplayer it also has a couch player mode, for those of us who still enjoy playing video games with our friends actually in the room. Along with four different types of matches, and a variety of characters to choose from, this title is great for a group of friends or even for a game night with family. Since this is also a PC title you can play with a keyboard and mouse or joystick, but I suggest getting a joystick remote as it would make the gameplay much easier.

Sombrero bandito match gameplay
Grab your cowboy hat, double barrels, ponchos and trusty steed and ride on over to the Steam Store to grab yourself a copy of this new fun shooter for only $14.99.


The graphics are 2D but topped with the western themed animation, it is something you would not expect from a multiplayer shooter. The developers also got creative in the development of the characters by adding some that were far from a western theme, such as a cheese wedge, an alien and a marshmallow. As for the background it was a very basic image but lets face it, you will be way too focused on not trying to die rather than looking at your background scenery. Currently there are only four maps but each unique in their own way. In some you can ricochet bullets and others you can blow up the ground beneath your enemy to send them plunging down to a field of spikes. Although there are only not many options in levels to choose from, we can only hope that more maps will be release with further updates.

Sombrero Character selection menu


The gameplay is fast paced yet very interactive, some of the features while in battle include power ups, different weapons, and explosive TNT. The control layout is really simple and easy to understand. You jump with any of the triggers, aim and shoot with the right analog but if you are playing with your mouse and keyboard you would use space to jump and your mouse/track-pad to point and shoot. Which is the reason why I suggest to play this game with a joystick. To paint a bigger picture in your head while playing Sombrero, it reminded me of titles such as “Super Smash Brothers, and PlayStation All Star Battle Royale” to name a few. Which means a frenzy of four characters going at it until death or the timer ends, so if you enjoyed games like these than this Indie is the game for you. The types of multiplayer matches that you can play are as follows:

Death Match 

Just what the name says, a match to the death, last man standing after three rounds is the champion. Similar to Super Smash Brothers Brawl fights, there are random power ups and weapons that appear throughout the match such as throwing axes, machine guns, and a shotgun.

Sombrero Death Match Multiplayer battle

Capture the Flag

Also self-explanatory each player has a flag and a post. The objective is to grab your enemies’ flag and hold it for the longest time. The player who holds it the most points is the winner.

Sombrero Capture the flag match


In my opinion the best category in the game, besides trying to kill each other there are piles of money bags all over the map. Each player must collect the money bags and the one with the most “loot” after the timer ends wins the round. With a total of 3 rounds per match it can get very interesting especially if you are playing a four on four match.

Sombrero Loot Multiplayer Match


Identical to a king of the hill match with one small twist. The players are to get a golden monkey and the one who holds on to it the longest wins the round. What is the twist you ask? The player who holds the monkey is being defended a series of ridiculous attacks. The good side of this is you get to watch the other players run for their lives while trying not to get hit by the blasts coming out of the sky! The bad side is that in some levels you can really just camp out while time runs out and the other players will not be able to reach you.

Sombrero Bandito multiplayer match


Being that this game has a whole western outlaw theme to it, the soundtrack chosen fits right. The song in the menus has that “cowboy duel” theme to it. Similar to the ones’ you would hear in movies right before a huge duel is about to take place. The soundtrack during game play is also entertaining but hard to pay attention to due to everything else that is going on during the fight. Besides soundtrack audio, there are a couple of miscellaneous sound effects that add to the experience like the sound of gunshots, explosions, and a funny scream the characters yell when killed.


Sombrero was a very fun title but it did lack in a couple of areas. One feature that was not included that should have is an option to play against bots. Bots are an easy way to get a feel of the gameplay and gain experience so the fact that it lacks this was a bit of a letdown. With time it also does tend to get a bit repetitive after playing a couple of matches. In my opinion, if there was a small campaign mode where you can get a small back story of a couple of characters it would give this title a better replay value by linking the gamers to the characters. Other than that there are small bugs that could be improved with updates down the road, but all in all, this was an enjoyable game.

Sombrero one on one multiplayer death match
As the idea of this type of game is not original, the developers at Pixel Metal did a good job in making original content and one new way to play a multiplayer shooter. The loot multiplayer mode is what sets this Indie apart from any other indie title by adding to the basic death match gameplay. Tension and anxiety rise quickly while trying to collect all the gold and not be killed by the other players which is definitely a fun experience when playing a full four player match. The downside of this game is the lack of single player mode. As I mentioned earlier a small campaign or just a single player mode will definitely add to the game-play experience as gamers would have a way to practice to go against friends and players all over the steam community. For this reason is I give Sombrero a 6 out of 10.

+ Many characters to choose from – No bots or single player mode
+ Interactive Levels – Needs more levels to choose from
+ Choose from online or couch matches – Bugs can cause the game to lag
– Aiming can get tricky as it is not precise

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